A Cup of Faith and Love…


I happened to stop by the website which is very famous for its 365 project called ‘Capture your 365’. I am very bad in keeping promises and also worse in maintaining a ritual. I had started a Project 365 a year ago, but didn’t succeed. Since then I have decided not to take up any such challenge that I can’t complete.


I was looking through the Prompts of the February month on the website and just thought of clicking one picture as per the schedule mentioned on it. For the 25th of February, 2013 they showed the prompt as ‘A cup of _____’. Now obviously this can be anything. I thought of clicking my cup of tea and complete the task but that would be an easy one. Also I have to make tea again to get the picture done.


I was confused as to what to do or should I do it or no? What caught my eyes was a mug that I had gifted my mom on her birthday. She doesn’t use the mug as she thinks it’s very pretty and she doesn’t want to spoil it by using it. It’s a color, I am not very fond of but it’s kind of sweet – PINK!


Anyway, below are the pics of the Mug and I would like to name it – ‘A Cup of Faith and Love’…


cup of love & faith 2

PS_365 (2)


(Via Flickr)


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Clicking! Keep Loving!

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