Open letter to them who thinks they Run my Life


Dear (People who wants to run my life DESPERATELY),


As they say, “You don’t have to like me; I am not a Facebook Status!”… yeah that actually implies to all of you people who think I am leading my life the wrong way and it can be better if you guys run it for me. Have you’ll had people in your life too to run it? I am sure you’ll have…


Well, I am sure most of you guys who want to run my life must be having some good college degree and would want me to get the same. Really thanks for advising me and letting me know that I do CA and MBA. I would never have known that if you wouldn’t have said. You know what, I am a creative person. And studying CA is out of question. Don’t ever mention that to me. Guess what you don’t run my life – “News of the Millennium”…


When I wear a LBD it really hurts you because you think it was too short… You really think that’s going to make an effing difference? Well darling, trust me I never asked you what you felt about that dress. I like it! I buy it! I wear it! No matter how short or revealing it is. Guess what you don’t run my life.


You saw me with a guy? Holding hands? Laughing on the road? Or maybe in a restaurant having dinner? Yeah that was me. Having fun with a guy or maybe more than one guy… You think I shouldn’t do this and be a Good Girl! You know what; you are no one to judge me. Just because I say on blog or in the friend’s circle that I drink, doesn’t make me a Bad girl, even if I am that is what I am. You think I can be better than this, well – guess what you don’t run my life.


You think those fast foods and sweets make me fat? It does! You think I should reduce and get toned – I don’t want to do it because you want me to. If I want to do it, I will! I don’t remember asking you for your opinion anyway. You think I am fatter than fattest? I love the fats on my body that makes me, I have been this since you’ve known me and again – you don’t run my life.


My darling people who think they can run my life, let me remind you something, you aren’t going to live my life. I am going to. I think all of you should put on some weight, start writing, reading, be addictive to blogging and social media, wear dresses what you like and not what SOMEONE has asked you to wear like you asking me to wear, and get a life of your own to live it. I am not going to let any of you to run my life and if possible don’t let anyone run yours as well.


Yours Not-so-Sincerely and Not-So-Loving,




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 P.S: Read the Letter and Leave teaching me how to live my life!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Clicking!


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