Day ends with – Kisses and Android

This one’s going to be a real quick one. I happened to sit with my camera this morning to do some Candid Photography. Eventually I ended up taking pictures of my phone wallpaper and Kisses. No it isn’t me kissing someone, but it’s the Kisses Chocolate.


Doing R & D on your creativity adds that extra little pep to your ideas. So I also watched some Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube and then tried the Color splash and Iris Blur on the two favorite clicks I decided to keep after clicking around 10 of them. What a lovely way to end your day with Kisses and Android! Perfect!


Hmm… Now I know how I am going to spend the weekend! anyway for now, here are the pics…


Kisses Morning
Kisses Morning

Its completely blissful to have chocolates early in the morning actually Late night for me!

Shiva on Android

I am getting spiritual these days…


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