The Anti-Socialite Blogger!

The biggest complaint my family and relatives have from me is  – I am not a family person. My friends and colleagues feel – I am not a friendly person. Well the truth is I am anti-social at times. Rather than spending my time out with people I prefer spending time with myself.


At times it is a get-a-way to be out with friends but at times it’s a bit too much one can ask from me. I have got a new title from my mom “Loner”. I guess I can relate to that and can accept it.


I did manage to spend the last two weekends with my family and relatives.


Last Sunday I managed to go to the KGAF, 2013 (Kala Ghoda Art Festival, 2013) with my mom. I haven’t been that active on WordPress in the past week or so. It is just my laziness and nothing more.


I have uploaded some of the photos on Instagram. You can get the entire album for the same on my Facebook Page. This Weekend I accompanied my mom to meet my grandparents and my aunty. I was a good girl and a social girl the last two weekends.


Here are some pics from the Festival that I managed to take from Instagram.




(Via Instagram)

(Also Checkout: Web.Stagram)


P.S.:  I love the Title of a Loner – Gives more of a ‘writer’ feeling to me. (I know I can be pathetic at times)


Till Then… Ciao! Keep Blogging!

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