New to Instagram

I’m a complete newbie on Instagram. It was recommended to me by one of my TL in office. I tried getting the app for my Nokia phone then, but it wouldn’t support it. Recently I got my first Android Phone (yayyyyieeE)… I am totally in love with this device…

Anyway about Instagram, as I said I am newbie and it would take a bit longer for me to learn this app but whatever I know about it I am in love with it.

My mom bought me a new diary; I wouldn’t call it a diary though it’s more like a jot down book. It’s the mini file types, that has loops and papers can be attached to it. I have done a bit of a DIY with it.

In the entire process of the DIY, I have spoilt a Blue color earphone and used a waste dress tag.

Below are the pics and below that is the link to my Instagram profile.

This is the link…


Ciao! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Clicking!


5 thoughts on “New to Instagram

  1. I’m on to the Instagram bandwagon nowadays and am completely loving it! Congrats on the new look… just one suggestion – not possible to bring up the ‘recent Posts’ in the side bar – it took me long to figure out your posts. Hope you don’t mind my barging in just because you call me Ishitadi!!!


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