Love once, twice, thrice…

“I’ve gone for each type: the rough guy; the nerdy guy, sweet, lovable guy; and the slick guy. I don’t really have a type. Men in general are a good thing.”

Jennifer Aniston



The FRIENDSRachel has so brilliantly quoted this. As a matter of fact I can relate to this completely. Men in general are certainly a good thing. Some men are such delight to your senses. No one is perfect. Obviously we won’t have one person with all the qualities. A friend of mine always said that he loved the voice of his first girlfriend and hair of the most recent one. Likely, we women also love some aspect in some men and the others in another.

I remember when I was 14 or so, I had a crush on a computer teacher in school. I was so charmed by him that I started daydreaming about him. Then, it was no lust just teenage love – which used to be innocent. Now, when I think of the Computer professor, I hardly remember his face and don’t know his name.


Human beings are attracted to more than one person. I have more than one favorite in almost everything. I am attracted to too many guys at a time. I tend to miss too many guys at a time. People obviously don’t have a right to judge me on that, but at the end people do. I personally feel it is more than normal to be attracted to many individuals at a time. I don’t believe that there is a different thing known as Love. I do believe in love, but I feel it is just a little bit more of an attraction. I have been in love with more than one man at a time, and I am truly not ashamed of saying it. It’s just that there have been some men who have deeply affected me.

I remember my biggest crush (who still is my biggest crush) was a man who affected me the most. A Libran and an Aries are tend to be a hot couple *as per our zodiac compatibility sites*. Even now, I am totally in love with him actually attracted to him a lot. He knows it and I know that he is attracted to me as well, but too much of anything is bad. It is good when the chase is still on. The moment the chase is over, we tend to lose interest in a particular thing.


When people say that they truly love someone a lot, and love can happen just once – I don’t believe in it. I have seen people cheating on their lovers. Love can happen again and again, because as I mentioned earlier – ‘Love is nothing but a little bit more of an attraction.’ I want to yell at people when they are all gaga over Love, but end of the day it’s their perception and their life. I can’t judge them as I won’t let them judge me.



One can be in love 100 times and no one has any rights to judge them...
One can be in love 100 times and no one has any rights to judge them…



I am not against love or affection. I do believe in Love Marriage, but I also believe that it can happen again and again. I am a living example of falling in love with more than once, not only with men but also with non-living things. I love my books, cell phone, handbag etc. Moreover when it comes to attraction and affection and stuff I just love more than one man as all the qualities on my checklist isn’t limited to one man. *I don’t really have a checklist but yeah a TYPE as they say*

Till then… Ciao! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading!

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2 thoughts on “Love once, twice, thrice…

  1. I am one of who always believed that in relationship there should be loved between the two person, that is why I am having a hard time to accept the arrange marriage, but I respect it because it is depends on the person perspective.

    We can fall once, twice, thrice because not at all qualities can be seen in one person, that is why if two person decide to marry, it should composed of love, trust, respect, commitment, dedication and devotion to the relationship, because if not relationship have the chance to fall.


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