Family’s take on Hollywood movies

I have been grown watching Bollywood movies. Hollywood movies was not to be seen at my place as there were Kissing Scenes… I remember, as a child, I was only allowed to watch Titanic that was played on every 31st December and they kept playing it until 1st of January (by the way the nude scene was always edited). Now I imagine how can someone watch an edited version of Titanic?


Indian mentality at times is a bit too irritating. I love India – I love Indians! But as an Indian myself, I detest some double standards. Well this is not about Indian standards or Bollywood v/s Hollywood! It’s just about my family in particular when it comes to Hollywood.


I think:

Hollywood’s cool. Even I want to move out and live by myself and earn and cook for myself. Get a nice job in the media and have a boyfriend who is either a CIA or a chef or a billionaire but disguise to be a musician. I have a perfect live-in relationship where getting pregnant wouldn’t be an issue and my mom would be cool with it. For me it’s more like, living a perfect dream in the worst economic state but make up and hair simply perfect and where no outfit has been repeated. Wonderful cars, handsome and rich boyfriend, shopping and sipping coke all day long.

I think


My brother thinks:

Hollywood! Superman – Spider ManBatmanWolverine – MIB – MI and other sci-fi and such boyish movies. For him it’s not even  about hot girls who accompany the super heroes or villains in super hot bikini on their hour glass figure.


brother thinks


My mother thinks:

It’s always about kissing and sex. Hollywood means no songs. No proper food. Live in relationships. Extramarital affairs. Short dresses and at times no dresses.

Mother Thinks

One family has different opinions about one thing! Strange or normal?


Well till then, Ciao! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading!


P.S. Happy Pongal and enjoy the Sankranti season!


4 thoughts on “Family’s take on Hollywood movies

  1. Hey Ashmita, Trust Me, I’m Nt into Blogging.. But M looking @ Ur Blogged List.. So MUCH U Blog.. Oh MY GOD!! M Awestruck.. Really.. Thats Why M On Twitter.. :p 😀 🙂 😉


  2. wishing u the same 🙂
    the same trend(abt movies) is in my family too!! 😀
    i rofl after reading your first para cos i get the same feeling after watching Titanic, True Blood, Spartacus, game of thrones etc. haha ha 😀
    the first of the Hollywood films that i have seen in theatre with family was Jurassic Park when i was 3. But now its divided into 3 categories.. Me – the mummy, james bond, rambo, a team, transformers, x men etc. Mom – Bollywood(similar to what u said abt ur mom), Sis Bolly + Holly(twilight, tangled, barbie etc. on HBO or Star Movies)


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