A Quick One!

A very busy last week and even busier Weekend. I haven’t been that active on the blog, as the time doesn’t permit and I am working on something very confidential (related to my writing practice). Ermmm! Last week was a mixture of emotions for me. Laughed a lot, cried more.


The weekend started on a sleepy note. Went for a movie immediately after my shift. Not immediately but after having breakfast at Mc Donald’s. Its superb there. Watched Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola. Nice movie. Dark Comedy. Fun. No words for Pankaj Kapoor and music of the movie was awesome. The entire Saturday was spent with my Love… huh?? I meant my bed and pillow. By the way the weather in Mumbai is getting colder. I am sure the Mumbaikars are loving it. It’s rare to find such a beautiful weather here.


Later In the evening, had a good time watching Bigg Boss 6 with mom and was unhappy as Imaam didn’t win the season. He was a full entertainment. By the way I have made up my mind on making a tattoo. Had a word with an office colleague who has 5 tattoos already. It seems his friend is a tattoo artist and is great (I have seen the work he has done on my friend’s body) it is remarkable. So maybe will discuss about the design first. Anyway, will obviously write about the entire journey on a tattoo on my blog.


Actually a lot happened since I had last written a blog post. Became the unofficial younger sister Love guru for a cousin, who had a big Break up! Cried over a petty issue (that is what all thinks) but for me what really matters is Self Ego! Anyway, it may be really hard for people to understand.


Saturday night spent with my brother watching Barfiii ( for the first time) – I know shame on me! But anyway! Sunday morning has been just a simple Sunday morn with a normal breakfast but a super duper hit lunch with mom. She made Chicken in the Manglorean style (the way I love it). Evening bite was a special Chicken and egg sandwich with a coke. It was nice and something new. Later, in the evening watched Barfii again with Ma this time. And right now after taking a big decision of getting a tattoo on my body, I am blogging it and might go to sleep while whatsapping a bit with People!


Till then Ciao! Take care! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading!


5 thoughts on “A Quick One!

  1. in a nutshell, you have been eating and and eating and eating…………… errrrrrrrrrrrrrr in some post I read, you started with your workouts too…. no mention of that in this one 😉


    1. i couldn’t manage to drag my legs back to the gym! Routine taunts from my mother and my brother is enough for me to not to go! They know i have wasted money in the subscription! but i just cant go and work out and eat nothing! rather as they say, life’s too small to worry… i have left all the worry now! 😛 😛


  2. Like your new tagline (Ciao…) 🙂
    I wish i could help u get a Copyright(for it) in your name
    u had mentioned about tatoo craze earlier i think. i thought u would have already done it by now.
    I miss the chicken roast( last time u posted its pics on gravatar)
    And about the Gym thing, though am the opposite of a fitness expert, am telling u really dont need to go. u look fab 🙂 Moreover there is already 1 of its Alternative in ur life, JOB. But still, if u wanna stay fit, then u can do some simple workouts on the weekends at your home


    1. Thanks… 🙂

      i am an anti-fitness person myself! but i realised tthat i should lose some weight! but then as my nature and laziness doesnt permit it, i have stopped going to the gym… 😛 😛

      Tattooo is yet to be done! finalizing a design… probably by February would have it… 😀


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