The Youth has Risen!

Another brave hearted woman is cremated. Her body was being ruined by a gang rape done to her in a running bus. This is the story that has been in headlines for most of the week. There have been debates and they are still on. Whom to be blamed was the question? The question still pertains. But the youth of today has risen. Delhi has been mourning since the day the shameful act was brought into notice.


There were Silent protests while agitated protests in Delhi, in fact all over India. This was not the fight of a city or state or country. It is the fight of Womanhood. Womanhood should be respected in every corner of the Earth. Instead of asking the girls to wear clothes that cover themselves up, why can’t we teach our boys to respect girls and control their urges.


Mira Road, a place that many of Mumbaikars must’ve heard of, for its booming estate rates. I am a resident of Mira Road and last night while I was doing nothing I received a message on my cell phone from Jetal Patel (old friend). He told me that they’ve arranged a Peace Candle March in Mira Road. I wasn’t sure if I would go there or no. but I happened to reach there in BLACK! We are mourning the loss of a brave girl and protesting against atrocities on Women kind!


The rally started with hardly 15 – 20 people. There were three hoardings with 6 messages on them. White candles, Black Ribbons and all  fresh faces. Youth has risen! We need justice now. No more of the Political reasoning for anything. All we know is JUSTICE! Youth are on the roads now. Strict actions against the rapists is a must. The rally rather ended with more people joining in.


The peace rally started from Allahbad Bank in Mira Road and the rally took turns throughout the Shanti Nagar Area. People joined in while the rally was on the move. Police supported by giving the rally good space to walk and pass their message throughout. No media, no political parties, no mike, no loudspeakers. It was indeed a peace rally organized by a bunch of youth. Some people laughed ,while some ignored the protest, some were worrying about the traffic, but the people in the rally walked through the roads without creating a havoc on the roads. There were boys who brilliantly tried managing the traffic. Who knew Mira Road would have so much potential? No one would’ve ever thought of it.


A man was looking at the protest near the market area yelled and said, “Abb talwaar uthane ka time hai…” (Translation in English: Its time to pick up Swords.) But as they say Words are sharper than Swords.


The rally started at around 7 o’ clock in the evening and ended by 9 o’ clock. My friend who notified me about the protest informed me later that even after I left there were people coming and being a part of this by lighting the candles. It was small but such small gestures from everywhere will be BIG – HUGE! Expecting JUSTICE!


Pictures might be blur as I had to click it while the  rally was moving! But managed to get some pics.


cm 10


cm 9


cm 8


cm 7


cm 6


cm 5


cm 4


cm 3


cm 2


cm 1






4 thoughts on “The Youth has Risen!

  1. Very profound. I’m just hoping and praying that the New Year does bring in lot of hope… so many events around us have made me feel very insecured – specially as a Mum who’s raising two young kids. Be safe, and remain what you are – courageous and bold!


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