A Note from the Chaotic Diary: Sterotyped Perception…

Someone told me over the chat on FB, “You are too young to be a blogger. You are also overly weighted to be a writer. You are also overly fashionable to be a Romance Writer.” I didn’t know whether the person insulted me or appreciated me. I agree that I am too young, but writing knows no age, does it? I know I am overly weighted, but it’s me who decides what I eat and I know I am consuming calories, but that makes me happy (by the way I love my curves). I also know I am fashionable to have my closet in which half the things are brand and my vanity box to be overflowing (I hardly use any), but again can’t a romance writer be fashionable?


We have some typical perception and outlook towards life. As a kid I always thought life is all what the movies’ show. Later I realized movies show nothing from life. We assume things just by the appearance. I recently met a guy, who is just 16 year old but can play guitar like any other adult. He has a thing for it and let me tell you he isn’t the fashionable-dude-guitarist we all imagine them as. He is a simple guy who wears specs; eats normal food like any other Indian boy would and wears normal clothes that includes a simple pair of jeans.


We have stereotyped everything. An actor has to be good-looking.  A writer has to be nerd-looking.  A foodie has to be fat. A model has to be skinny. A musician is bound to have dreadlocks. A photographer has to be trendy. An artist has to wear colors. A journalist has to wear khaadi. A dancer has to be flexible and a blogger has to be matured.


Blogging or writing has no age. In fact any art has no age in itself. ‘Art’ is the oldest form to express one’s view. But there is freshness in forms of arts. An actor is also the one who does street plays. A writer is also the one who writes in her blog. A musician is also the one who uploads their own video on YouTube. And as a matter of fact, a writer can be sexy. An actor can be not-so-good-looking. A foodie can be lean. A model can be fat. A journalist can have some dreadlocks. It has been just about the talent. It’s about the art that attracts you.


I am inclined towards writing, reading and food doesn’t mean I hate music. I love music and I need it every day; just that I won’t know the music well. On the other hand I can understand a book better. I love writing not about reality, or horror or suspense. I have identified my genre which is romance (of all the levels).


Judging someone just by looking at them is what we go wrong with. It’s not about looks but about knowledge. There are people who dress according to their talent like there are journalists who would wear khaadi, while there are writers who would look nerdy. But do you think all of them would be like that? Remember all the fingers on one hand are not the same!



Keep Reading. Keep Blogging. Stop Judging. Ciao.


3 thoughts on “A Note from the Chaotic Diary: Sterotyped Perception…

  1. “Stereotyped(Typical) Perception” – Yeah a lot of people do that. Its an unhealthy thing. They presume a lot, which sometimes can lead to pitfalls. We can’t judge a book by its cover!! One can’t tell Julian Pavone “U r too young to be a Guinness Record holder”.


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