A Note from the Chaotic Diary: Art!



A blank page is something I have never liked. As a kid, I used to scribble on them, as a teenager I used to make hearts and now as an adult I write on them. A blank page, actually a blank word document is a nightmare for anyone who aspires to be a writer or is a writer – Already! Art is what attracts everyone. Even a person who doesn’t sing loves music. A person, who knows nothing about writing, loves to read.


I have started something new. Something that, I will disclose once I reach half of the expected thing. It’s about art. And my art is writing. I have recently been too much into books. I have started reading again. Managing a job (night shift), a blog, Facebook and twitter isn’t an easy job. One has to be insanely talented to be that good with all these things; and yeah also managing a family.


I have been a big movie buff. From Bollywood to Hollywood I love good movies. I love good books. Love reading food and fashion magazines. Love reading the Bollywood gossips. I love to be in the world that seems perfect – From the hair of a heroine to the clothes of the hero.  I love reading serious issues and blogs but to be very frank I would prefer something fictitious rather than reality. I live in reality. A nine hour shift; with a pressure to perform well. A closet that is always untidy because of the confusion of what to wear. A mom who grumbles for my untidy closet; a brother who never listens to me; and a best friend who is super moody and a Cancerian.  My life is not at all perfect but I tend to live in something known as illusions. Writing good, wearing good, eating good makes you feel good.


I have recently completed a fictional novel and it was quite a read. Felt like the author has written my imagination in her words. About the book will review it later, but for now: I am getting back to some good sleep and some good sleep and a non-blank word document.


Keep reading. Keep Blogging. Ciao.


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