I have always had the reality check at the wrong time. After I completely trust someone – Boom goes the trust! The person flies away so does the relation. This is in friendship as well…


Recently had a small heartbreak in friendship and I am trying my level best to cope. I tell you’ll technology is a bad thing. I wished my phone didn’t come back and things didn’t become clear. I was actually without knowing the truth. Unfortunately I don’t know the entire truth yet. But anyway.


Shrabani, please don’t bombard me with questions and no emotional blackmail as well. I would like to keep this one to myself.


And Mr. You-know-i-am-talking-about-you, you are perfect with ignoring. But Technology is advancing and that hurts. Best of Luck! You are just another one on the list now (You know what I mean).


2 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. aww… reminds me about this horrifying breakup of two soul sisters…………. reasons kuch bhee ho… but in the end, it is always painful to see a beautiful relationship coming to an end….


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