The Perfect Five

perfect-date2It’s really difficult to have just 5 ideas for a perfect date for a girl like me who has more than 5 men whom she loves. Anyway let’s try to think of the best 5 ideas for a perfect date.



Beach Date
I dream of having a perfect, erotic and shady date on the beach of Goa. One shack, with chilled beer, and a seafood platter. Me and my guy there in shorts and enjoying the smell of the beach. Maybe clicking a few pictures (for my blog) and listening to the rarest of music (preferably instrumental). Ahhh! That sounds so perfect.



Candle Light Dinner

I know that’s too common and so typical. But come-on even I can have typical things. But I want my guy to arrange the entire Dinner at his place but a candle light dinner. He should be the chef, he should decide the music to be played. He should be the in charge of the entire dinner and I would then decide whether it’s a good choice made by me or no.



Fun Day

It would be perfect to have a date in the daylight. Maybe Essel World, Water Kingdom, or any other Fun Park. It need not be romantic and flowery all the time it can be a bit adventurous (though I hate being a part of one) but would like to try it once.



Intellectual Date

A guy who reads novels is a turn on. I have this thing for a date that would be spent in a library or a bookstore, actually anywhere we both can sit and read books of our choice. Let that be at home – on the couch.



Monsoon Date

Monsoon fascinates me. I am not the person who would like to be all wet in the rain, but I still love rains. I hate the rain as they make the roads muddy and dirty. But its perfect when it rains and I am not on the roads. I would love to have a date while its raining and we are either at his or my place.


So these were the Perfect Five Dates that were still pending on my D Drive. I hadn’t written this one for almost a month. Finally I have completed it.


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