A little wardrobe confusion…



I am so not sure, if I am going to get some sleep today. It was a hectic but joyous day today. I was sitting next to my BFF so yeah that was a plus but other than that the day was quite tiring. I just reached home a while ago and I have this paternally inherited thing of not sleeping as soon as I come home from work.


This one’s a real quick one.


I might just grab sleep for an hour or two as I need to go shopping for something to wear for my Process party which is scheduled tomorrow: 15th December, 2012. Unfortunately I will be going there with swollen eyes due to lack of sleep. My company’s management has probably forgotten the Night Shift staff for sure. They have arranged for a morning party – I mean it’s actually a Lunch party with no alcohol. I don’t understand why these people don’t actually have a Dinner party. Well we happened to ask the management about it and they gave an answer: “Most of the people from the day shift won’t be comfortable with an evening party.” And when I heard that I was like “WTF!” The management expects Night Shift People to be a part of the party after a night shift!!!


Okay fine I would now stop crying over the management’s decision.


I know what I am going to wear for the party, I just need to mix and match a little bit and hence need to go for shopping. I am looking for something in purple maybe glitters – let’s see! I am going to dress up like the Americans. Not exactly, I am going to wear a black long jacket with dark blue jeans, high heels (literally high). What am I going shopping for? Well I need to buy a purple colored tank top so that I can pair that up with my jacket. I might just go a bit formal by wearing a white t-shirt instead o the purple tank top. Let’s see what I manage to wear tomorrow. I am really not in a mood for some real shopping. I should’ve virtually done the shopping well in advance.


Anyway, it’s never too late. Maybe it’s time to tie the laces and go for an early morning (by 12 in the noon) shopping…


God that’s going to take some hard work…


By the way I was not writing for some 20 minutes and in all that 20 minutes I was trying the two options that I’ve kept for tomorrow.


One: This Little Black Dress




Two: A black Winter Jacket with White T-Shirt and Blue Jeans.


Personally I want to wear the option One, but I might stick to something a bit casual and formal at the same time which is the option Two. The entire time during my quick Dressing-up-for-tomorrow-expedition, I came to a conclusion that I might go for a white T-shirt, not only because I am looking good, but also because I am not in a mood to go out and do some real shopping, especially when my eyes are sleepy as hell and my bed is seducing me a lot. So I might stick to my bed.


I just happened to call my BFF who is also in a wardrobe Dilemma and is totally not sure what to wear. She wants to buy a new dress altogether, so we decided to meet up early before work and go for some street shopping, I am planning to buy some accessories along with the Gray T-shirt.


P.S.:  I am still sleepy and i am now going to sleep and imagine myself in my new black winter jacket.


4 thoughts on “A little wardrobe confusion…

  1. I have this all the time. But, this time, I am pretty sure what I want…. last year, I aimed at losing weight and thus did not shop at all. In the real world, I ended up putting more weight and having only 5 tops to wear. This time, before I actually start to lose weight, I will buy some new clothes. Fat people can look good if they wear good :).


    1. so true! fat people look good anyway… al most everything suits them unline the skinny grls whose legs look funny when they were a skinny jeans or skirt… 😛


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