9 Things My Closet Needs


Today at dinner time, I decided to have a quick peek at my closet to find how many new clothes are there that i haven’t worn yet. I was astonished to find out that there are 2 Indian Wears and 2 western wear that are still not worn by me. My brother entered the room and gave me those typical looks that a guy usually gives to a girl who keeps yelling: “I have nothing to wear”.


While going through my entire closet I realized there are a few things that I need to buy desperately. I made a rough note and stuck it on my computer table, so that I would remember it every time I am on for some online shopping.


Here goes the list…


1. Jeans

I need a couple of good pair of jeans. I checked today and I have just 2 good pair of jeans. (OMG) (I need More – more – more)


2. Shorts and Tees

I have just 3-4 pairs of shorts to wear at home. I literally shuffle the tees while wearing shorts. So I need to go and shop for tees and shorts desperately. (Let it be Shorter baby)


3. Formals

I have no business formals. All I have are the Indian Formals. But I want to buy some pastel color trousers and fashionable shirts with colorful belts and shoes.


4. Anarkali

I don’t have a single Anarkali dress. I might buy one for my birthday. (yayyyy)


5. Cotton Dresses

My closet needs a few cotton dresses for summer.


6. Jackets and winter wear

I know Mumbai hardly faces winter but yet a closet looks incomplete without some real trendy winter wears. Some cardigans in bright colors would be fun. (Colors are missing from my closet)


7. Handbags

I need some more handbags. I am just tired of taking the same thing to work every day. I might buy something in RED pretty soon.


8. Stockings

I want black and nude color stockings. It might be useful any time. (oohhhhh-so-sexy)


9. Lingerie

At times one needs to have something which is beyond the comfort zone. I am putting Lingerie on my list so that I might go and buy something that makes me feel better. (ermmm)



I know 9 is a very weird number to be on the list post. But these are the only things that I can think of right now. Please let me know if I am missing on something so that I can jot it down and buy it eventually.




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