There has been a hype about the world coming to an end in the month of December in the year 2012. OMG! We are in December, 2012. It sounds scary? Well it actually sounded scary when it was flashing on all the news channels some years back. Then, I thought it’s impossible to even see the year 2012. But here we are in the year 2012 and it wasn’t that bad. It was very bad in terms of weather conditions all over the world but on a personal note, it has been good for me.


Initially when there was the hype of the world coming to an end, I also thought for once that it would be great if that happened. I was waiting for some college results then (so you now the state of my mind). Now when I think about the world coming to an end – I don’t want it to happen. There are FIVE major reasons.


Reason# 1

My gym subscription hasn’t expired yet. I have been quite laid back in terms of going to the gym because of my lazy attitude and busy schedule at work. So I certainly don’t want the world to end before my gym subscription gets over.


Reason# 2

I haven’t purchased a Blackberry yet. I am one of those maniacs who knows nothing about phones and androids and softwares. I just need a blackberry because I have always wanted it. so till the time I buy one and use BBM on it, I don’t want the world to come to an end.


Reason# 3

I want to be on Freshly Pressed at least once. I have never managed to get on ‘Freshly Pressed’ on WordPress. Before the world comes to an end I want to be on ‘Freshly Pressed’.


Reason# 4

I have to make love to the guy of my dreams ((keep guessing)). For some reasons I have been dreaming about this guy for quite some time. And I have dreamagined of making love to him in every possible way I have read so far in ‘Mills and Boons’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.


Reason# 5

I haven’t purchased a Sabyasachi Saree yet. How can the world even think of coming to an end before I have bought a Sabya Saree and wore it on some occasion.


These are the most crucial and essential Five reasons why I don’t want the world to come to an end.


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