Year Ending Diary: Resolutions I Broke

Weight loss Resolution
Weight loss Resolution




I am just like most of the people out there who tend to never complete their New Year’s Resolution. Like every year, I had made a set of 2012 New Year Resolution at the beginning of this year. I am very bad at keeping promises to myself. I usually keep the promises I make to others.



Resolution# 1

I would eat less. I make this promise to myself every year, every single year from the time I realized I am over weight. But again keeping a Bong away from food is like, keeping an alcoholic away from alcohol. Yeah! It is that BAD! I really don’t understand what makes me keep this resolution every year, but for some reasons I have never managed to fulfill this one.



Resolution# 2

I wouldn’t fight with my mom. God! This is something I can’t resist. I love fighting with her. I love fighting with her and then saying sorry. I simply love it. Beginning of 2012 I had kept a resolution of not fighting with her, but I guess I fought with her more than usual this year.



Resolution# 3

I would flirt less. 2012 – I thought I can be a good girl by flirting less and putting myself in serious issues later. But again like all the other resolution this one was a failure. I had more guys than expected this year. I can’t count them on the fingers (Literally). This certainly makes me a bad girl but yeah I have enjoyed a lot being the bad girl.



I had kept just 3 resolutions and what a shame on me that I couldn’t fulfill any one of these. I am so bad when it comes to resolutions. But I guess this year I would make resolutions so that I can break them and have some more fun.


11 thoughts on “Year Ending Diary: Resolutions I Broke

  1. Don’t feel bad Ashmita. (By the way, I used your name for a character in one of my stories) I resolved to lose 15 pounds. I lost zero ,(0), zed, zip, nada. It turns out that exercise isn’t enough. You have to actually give up something like ice cream, peanuts, beer and so forth.


    1. i am glad that my name is used by you for one of the characters in your story… and yeah i am planning to sacrifice ice-cream…. though its difficult to sacrifice beer!


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