Year Ending Diary: 5 Lessons learned in 2012


There are some serious problems with the guys in my life. Most of them are perverts. So does that mean that I am attracted to perverts? Maybe yes. But again I need to change my choices in guys desperately. It is December already. There have been serious issues in life in the year 2012.


For me 2012 was a mixture of joys and happiness. I didn’t lose anything this year but yes I have gained lots of new lessons in life.


I have jotted down 5 lessons that I’ve learnt in the year 2012.


Lesson# 1

Never be friends with your ex-crush if he is married. This spoils not only his married life but also the crush-respect-love you had for him. Rather just let it go – let him go and move on.


Lesson# 2

Never give your phone numbers to guys who are addicted to texting. Serious problems arise when you don’t reply back to their texts and you receive 100 texts asking: “if everything’s ok?” it can get way too scary than it seems to be.


Lesson# 3

Never ever trust your cousins and tell them about your relationships. They screw it up completely. If you don’t believe me, try doing it.


Lesson# 4

Never mix your drinks on a night out with the guys. I have always been lucky enough to be safe around guys even if I am drunk, but this is something dedicated to a good friend (don’t expect names) but the one who understands this would smile for sure.



Never ever keep yourself busy by surfing or window shopping on an online shopping website. It is addictive. This usually tends to have a bad impact on your bank account.




5 thoughts on “Year Ending Diary: 5 Lessons learned in 2012

  1. glad to hear your views on friendship, drinking, texting and online shopping. 🙂 Haven’t experienced anything like in ur 2nd and 4th points.
    and btw gotta say… nice theme 🙂


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