My own Fifty Shades

The oomph Book of the year!


Everyone who has read the Fifty Shades Trilogy would have for once thought: “I wish I had a Christian Grey”. Surprisingly, what I say every time I read it: “Wow! I already have my Christian Grey”. Surprising? Shocking? So was I! A guy whom I like – “THE BIGGGEST CRUSH OF MINE”, is nothing but a Fatter but cuter version of Christian Grey.


He is hot, sexy and loving. He doesn’t show the care, he should. He is Fifty Shades Fucked up. He has had so many women in life (not a good thing to say on the World Wide Web). He has a charming personality that makes me insecure, because I hate sharing.


Many more things but can’t disclose that on the World Wide Web…


And yeah, he also doesn’t show how much he loves someone. He is a loner! well before people going to any conclusion, let me tell you don’t think much, because my Christian Grey can be an imaginary one as well!


I think everyone should have at least one ‘Christian Grey’ of their own if not in imagination than in real (or should it go the other way round?)


By the way, my LONG-LONG weekend comes to an end and  today  i just kept  listening to songs on my playlist. One song that I heard a lot is the one below. (i am sure every one loves this song)

Have a super week guys, don’t be lazy like me while you go to work, neither be cranky and grumpy. And keep thinking about the good things like for me it is: “My Fifty Shades”







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