Four things I did during the long weekend

It was a long weekend for me. This has come to an end today. (Oh-noooooo!)  I am a bore. I rather keep browsing on the net and do some Virtual Window Shopping or read blog posts of co-bloggers, or just fight with my mom. I make sure; I don’t go out unless it is a matter of death and life. Yeah you got me right – I am that Lazy!


I didn’t go out and party or get drunk or smoked (I don’t smoke), or flirt (I do flirt). As it was month end. (Flirting and month end??? Well need to go out and go to a nice place to flirt where I need to order some nice stuff to eat and drink – So month end)


I get broke by the 15th of every month – how? That’s a mystery that I am still working on. So what had I basically done this LONG weekend?


Four things I did during the long weekend



I said I was broke, but my house is filled with things. I did cook. A lot! Anything that I found in the kitchen, I just made something with it. From weird Pohas, Upmas, Jeera Rice and Dal Fry, Paneer Bhurji, Egg Bhurji, French toasts, Knorr Soups! I made it all and ate it all. I am Food-zilla in my house. I can eat as long as the food is coming in and my stomach doesn’t yell: “That’s It Mita!” when my tummy says this I stop. I do genuinely. As they say one should love their body, I love and obey my body.


Sleeping Beauty

Call me Sleeping beauty or KumbhaKaran. It’s completely up to you. I slept most of the day as expected by my ma. She knew I am in love with a few things in life, out of which one is Sleeping (for now Alone). I did imagine about so many things. While sleeping I have seen the most beautiful to the ugliest of dreams but again what can wake Mita from Sleep? Nothing! I guess even if a Prince comes and kisses me to wake me up from my sleep is impossible.


Virtual Window Shopping

My mom calls it lazy, I call it less time consuming. I literally do window shopping virtually. I don’t know if many of you do that, but I believe in saving time (so that I can sleep in those saved minutes). I like going on links like FashionandYou, Myntra, Violet Bag, Victoria’s Secret, Jabong, Zovi, Flipkart, Fab Furnish many more like these shopping sites. These are addictive but less time consuming. I might just save something that I like for the month starting. At least it’s not like the real shopping wherein I need to LITERALLY do Window Shopping. I have the option to save something I want for the next month. So yeah I did spend a lot of time in Virtual Window Shopping.



Like a good girl I read a lot. Naaah not a good girl! I did spend a lot of time in reading but I read Cosmopolitan (Website) and Fifty Shades Freed. I also read some posts posted by my co-blogger friends. I did a lot of surfing over the net for the new fashion trends for the coming month. I did read newspaper DAILY!






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