5 Things that Annoys your Best Friend

That’s me (sitting down) and Shrabani (standing). this one was taken in the year 2011 at the Gorai or Manori Beach (I’m not sure though)

I was clueless about what to write today. I was watching movies yesterday (yeah the entire night). And today being the last off of my Super Long Weekend. Well I was just thinking of how sexy and hot can a Bong girl be! Well they are the hottest. Look at Me! Okay well yeah we are self-obsessed too. What’s wrong with that! The truth cannot be changed!


Being self-obsessed reminds me, how much MY BFF Shrabani Kolay hates me for this. Well let me introduce my BFF (Best Friend Forever) and Partner in Crime officially on my Blog.


Name: Shrabani Kolay

Age: As if she would let me tell that (even if she does, I won’t mention it here)

BFF with Me since: the last 7 years (Almost)

Works: With me!

Studied: With me!

Hangs Out: With me!

Hobbies: except from reading my blog and Liking things on FB she loves dancing, singing, eating (not much though – She’s Petite), cooking and irritating me (actually it’s the opposite)


Okay on a serious note. Her name is Shrabani Kolay. We are best friends for the last 7 years now. We completed our graduation together. Our resume is exactly the same, as we have same work experience. We are poles apart when it comes to individual persons. She is the one who dances; I am the one who writes. She is the one who can say anything on the face; I am the one who would think twice. She is the one who cries never, I am the one who is known as the cry baby. She’s petite, I am (ermmm – not fat!) voluptuous! She loves wearing Traditional Dresses, I like wearing anything that doesn’t have a Dupatta. She is a Bengali and knows to speak; I am a Bengali but can hardly speak.


Well I guess this introduction about her was enough. So, I was blank about what should I post today!!! I wanted something to do with the List Post. I asked her and she gave me the suggestion of this: 10 ways of annoying your BFF. But I somehow couldn’t find more than five. So my post would be:



5 Things that annoys your BFF


Keeping phone on Silent

Oh God! This is the most irritating thing ever a BFF can ever do. In our case, I mean, mine and Shrabani’s case, we both do that. (Shrabani, before you are fuming in anger and saying In front of your phone while reading this: “I never do that it’s you always” let me remind you the Durga Puja day when I called and texted and whatsapp’d you – and your phone was silent to death)


Talking to another BFF (from the past)

I believe that Best friends are forever. A fight, misunderstanding, argument, or any other factor cannot part ways of two Soul Friends! But we all being Human beings, we have something known as Jealousy within us. This shows up when someone close to you is getting closer to someone else in the same category. I wouldn’t feel jealous if Shrabani is talking to a Dog or Cat (maybe I would – the attention that was supposed to be meant for me goes to some Animal… Aarghhh) Jealousy takes its peak, when our BFF talks to their Ex-BFF! We feel like killing our BFF and putting the blame on their Ex-BFF!  It’s really annoying when your BFF is talking to their BFF (not you but some other BFF).


Do something that your BFF doesn’t like

When we chat on Whats App or FB IMS, I usually have this irritating habit of typing: “kk” instead of just a ‘k’ or maybe ‘OK’… and this is something that irritates my BFF a lot. And hence I love doing this. Whenever we do anything that OUR BFF’s detests it truly annoys them.


Keep crying over your Ex

God! This annoys me and so does it annoy her. We keep crying over our exes and then keep using profanity to each other. God! It’s fun to annoy your BFF by just sulking about your recent ex (whom she used to hate, anyway!)


Be good

Being good in front of your BFF is like a blunder that you do. If we happen to talk one statement without an F-word or B**ch it sounds inappropriate. “Hey bitch what’s up?” is the way we greet each other (We actually do). But instead of that if either of us happen to say something good like “Hey how are you?” it’s like – (I don’t know what – but something bad)


4 thoughts on “5 Things that Annoys your Best Friend

  1. lmao….the things that i hate about my BFFs:

    # has no time to call or write an email.
    #she calls and it is all about her.
    # she is very J of classmates who have done well in life.
    # she is preachy.

    Hey… all diff girls… 🙂


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