She’s no more a Girl

Looking out of the pane
Pouring down is the rain
The stain washed away; The pain washed away
Behind was left the ugly scar
Please! Don’t ask her to go far
You are past; it’s a new era
The lass has grown
You made her scowl
She was a game you played
Where she was just a tiny girl


The lady within her has surfaced
And you are not forgiven
The pain; The lesion
The twinge
The contusion you gave

Your memory is an unforgettable curse
It reeks within her
She wants to rip herself
Why? Think for yourself

The lady now has no fear
To her, death is very dear
Shrieks give her contentment
Self demolition is a reflection
No life is her expression

Fallen for smokes
She is all goaded
Being ‘High’ is the new her;
People say, “Move on”
Everything else seems so wrong
There’s no escape
Only desolation
Not hers but YOURS!




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