Good Riddance

Its never that GOOD!

People certainly come and go off your life. Someone’s getting away can bring tears to your eyes while some might bring smiles to your lips. I am not socially active (social networking sites don’t count for sure – I am damn active there). It takes time for me to smile at strangers, even at work. I might see them every day but considering them as friends is a big deal. Actually, if I think about who was like me in my family, the answer is: NO ONE! My mom and brother can make faster than you blink your eyes (I love using hyperbole). My daddy was more of a show person, so he was socially active as well as he had to make contacts for future. My cousins were all good when it came to talking and making friends. I guess I am the first one to start something in my family, AFTER ALL.


I remember it took me 1 whole year to make my BEST FRIEND my friend initially. God! I am that bad with PEOPLE. I have had very few friends. I can actually count them on the fingers. I have lost many of them. Someone’s going was certainly unstoppable, while someone’s going away was a relief. I am an emotional person but if I am not close to someone I won’t cry for them or even try harder to be in touch. I was quite close to a few people from my previous company and today, while sitting here and typing this post here I realize I am in touch with just two of them. Actually make that one, it’s just Shrabani – Navin is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he literally meant when he said: “if I leave a place, I forget the people and try not to be in touch with them.” He has indeed nailed it! I haven’t been in touch with my cousins for a long-long time. I don’t know why. Maybe because people change and so have I.


As I said someone’s leaving makes us happy. Yeah I guess I have more of such cases in my life. I have had a guy friend who got me introduced to something known as ‘No Strings Attached’ (Ahh not literally – maybe he was hoping for that to happen, but he just introduced me to the movie). He was actually quite honest to tell me his intentions in the first meet we had (not a date!) he was very blunt when he said he found me hot and wanted to … (you know what) But I guess it was a guilt that was stopping me. In fact I guess I did the right thing, obviously I wasn’t his types and he wasn’t mine. Then, I also happened to meet a person who taught me so much about beers. She actually got me drunk and helped me having fun.


I usually feel distant as soon as I get to know people. I don’t like people trying to know about me. As Kelly Clarkson sings, “everybody’s got a dark side”… though in my case, I don’t want people to know the entire truth and I guess something’s are better hidden. I wouldn’t blame anyone but me. It’s me who wouldn’t allow people into my life and eventually they leave. At times they leave without informing. Not that I don’t tell people what I feel. I am a very talkative person at home, but only when I am in a chirpy mood which is 90% of all the weekends I am at home. I call Shrabani – Moody, but in reality I am. It is actually exciting to know new people, and I am not that good at multitasking, so at a time I can just know few bunches of people. ‘One goes and the other comes’, isn’t that the Rule of Life? Or maybe just my life! Whatever!


Shrabani – Dude, you are the lucky one. I am not yet bored of you. And you know 99.99% secrets of my life.


Navin – Where the fuck are you? You are not one of the people from my list, whose disappearing makes me SMILE! It doesn’t make cry as well… it gives Another Expression, altogether. It’s called “Being Furious” or ‘Getting Angry’. Get back on your Facebook or whatever site you use. Give me a fucking call or text me or just IM me on Facebook.


Mr. Saath Samundar Paar You avoiding me has become a habit now. I think you are making me good at controlling my feelings. I will certainly get an A+ as long as you are there in my life and one fine day, I would just not care about anything. NOTHING!


Other guys and gals – some of you’ve been very lucky to be in my life, while some of you are even luckier enough to get out of my life. I have learnt a lot with all of you. I have laughed, cried, got drunk, thought of making out, went out, and had insane fun with some of you. Some of you’ll have really got on my nerves, but again you were all good.


If I happen to meet people from my life (who are not in touch anymore) on the road, I might just stop by and smile at them. I might do that. (Naaah I would just pass by you and ignore you). At times it feels like: ‘Ahh Good Riddance!’


Well this song goes to all my friends and acquaintances out there.




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