The story of someone

He was about to reach home by 12 in the night but he was stuck in the office. He tried calling his mom, but she didn’t pick the phone up. Next morning, when he reached home, his mom was awake and worried. After a lot of explanation to her she finally was convinced and hugged him.


While having breakfast she said, “Akash, today in the evening we are going to Andheri. You just be ready.” He took the half bread on his plate in his hand and asked, “Where MA?” she said, and “you remember Nandini?”Akash looked at her while sipping the tea and nodded his head in a yes. She continued, “We are going to talk to her parents about you and her. Your father says you both together would be a nice match. I also like her.” Akash was tensed. He went to sleep, but couldn’t. He was awake the entire time. He switched off his phone and went with his family to Nandini’s place in the evening.


She was a sweet girl who was dressed in a chudidaar and Kurta. She bought the tea and snacks for the guests. She looked nervous as well. Akash thought, “She wasn’t happy with this entire arranged marriage funda”. Akash could sense her nervousness. They both were then sent on a drive in Nandini’s car. Nandini stopped the car near CCD, and they both started sipping on the coffee. Nandini started the conversation, “I can’t marry you. I can’t marry anyone actually.” Akash looked puzzled and asked her, “why? Do you love someone else?” she smiled and continued speaking, “I guess you didn’t hear me well. I said I can’t marry anyone. My parents are too worried about me but the fact is I have got a medical problem with my Uterus and I can’t be a mother ever.” Akash was shocked. He wasn’t expecting such a situation. He looked at Nandini and could see no sadness. She looked self satisfied. Akash liked her instantly.


Akash was nervous in the morning when his mother spoke about the entire arranged marriage thing, because he was against arrange marriages. He never agreed to the concept of it. But he fell in love with Nandini and her truthfulness instantly. He told her, “That’s it? I was expecting you to say that you have some really good boyfriend whom you love or you are not interested in Bankers like me or something of that sort.” She was puzzled now.


They drove back home. While parking the vehicle, Akash held her hand and said, “Please marry me. It would be an arranged marriage for everyone but we would know that I had proposed you to marry me.” Nandini shook her head and said, “Akash, I already told you why I can’t marry. I liked you too, but that doesn’t mean that I would want you to be without children forever.” Akash smiled at her and said, “Nandini, I am happy that you told the truth. About children – we have so many orphans who need families. We can adopt two children and a dog – A perfect family.”


She couldn’t stop her laughter and said, “Yes. Yes I would marry you.” She had tears in her eyes. The family was not informed about Nandini’s health till the day of the marriage. Akash told it to his mother and father just when they were about to leave for the wedding. Akash’s mother was shattered, but his father was proud of his son and said that they would love to adopt children. Akash’s mom still had that little tiny bit of worry in her but as and when time passed she was OK.


After three years of marriage, they both adopted a baby girl of seven months. They named her ‘Anokhi’. They both decided to adopt no more children as they wanted to take care of Anokhi. It was nothing but a miracle, when the news was confirmed that Nandini is pregnant on the fourth birthday of Anokhi. They all were happy. They had a baby girl again this time. Grandparents loved both the children equally. Akash loved her daughters. They did adopt a dog. They were the perfect family.


What made me write this story today? Well nothing. This story has many aspects in one. It’s about love and arranged marriages. It’s about adopting a child, it’s about miracles, it’s about loving all your children equally and it’s about giving a family to a dog as well… Scientifically, it might not be possible for miracles to happen, but one can never know.


Whose story is this? It could be anyone’s story. Do I know someone who has this story? As of now NO! But I might know someone. Anyway, this isn’t a Maya story; this is just a story, just a thought that passed my mind.



One thought on “The story of someone

  1. :))) love the story and the thought there are real ppl with such stories… my husband and I dreamed of adopting when we got married.
    , … we hv 3 kids, ( 2 adopted us… as we say… one a blind kid who brought in the light… )

    Hey, no difference bt bio and non bio kids,,,,! Blood is red, irrespective of nationality, caste, chromosome or dna…

    and then a dog adopted us… yes love is a beautiful thing : we realise how important it is to love, accept love, against all odds…love is worth every drop of effort, tears,joy…


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