7 things that MY Closet should have

Yes! It is the day to write more on the list posts… Girls and shopping should have been the synonyms for each other. Girls go crazy about shopping, and shopping isn’t complete unless you spend at least half your salary behind it. I go shopping every month, but unfortunately can’t spend half my salary at once. So I do my shopping in bits and pieces.

Every girl dreams of some Must haves in their closet… I am no different when it comes to spending money and buying clothes. The significance of shopping in my life is equal to a Bong having Rosogulla… ‘The more you eat, the more you can have…’ (I am not sure if that sounds right?)



I have my LBD. My perfect Little Black Dress… I still don’t know when to wear it – AGAIN! ((Wink)) One must have a LBD in their closet. A perfect fitting LBD makes your closet look worth a watch. You can always show off in front of your friends about your LBD. Those satin materials, and lacy sleeves and the hem of the dress makes you feel so special when you wear it.


Trust me I wouldn’t mind another LBD in my closet, maybe a casual one this time. So the first thing on my Shopping cart would be a new LBD – casual one!



A pair of jeans is something that everyone has. But one needs a perfectly fitting, gorgeous and super sexy pair of jeans. I do have a normal pair of jeans and one super comfortable pair of jeans. But as I said I need one which Super SEXY. Jeans should be able to show the exact curves of your body and make you feel good at the same time. My mom would kill me if she reads it. Why? I already have 4 jeans in my closet. But as they say, ‘the more, the better’


Yeah a pair of Super SEXY jeans goes on my list second.


Sabyasachi Creation

I don’t know a single Indian girl who doesn’t want to get dressed in Sabya’s creation. I would prefer a sari over anything else when it comes to Sabyasachi. Though it might have common designs or whatever – I still love them to the core. I haven’t had a chance to visit His Store, yet. But I am sure I would be doing it in the near future.


This is the type of Saree i am dying to buy… simple but elegant. and Vidya Balan can carry her saree really well. Sabya’s Creation!


This reminds me that I would need a posh closet to keep a Sabya Creation in it. Can you imagine yourself draped in a traditional Sabyasachi Sari in someone’s wedding or some occasion? People would drool over you for sure. ((Ummm Mom please don’t read this – even if you are please don’t kill me after this)


Anarkali Dress

Don’t laugh at me! Yeah I don’t have a single Anarkali Dress! CAN YOU IMAGINE? (All capitals) where the pattern is so common and so rich, but I still don’t have it. Are you thinking: WHY? Well it’s because I didn’t find the Anarkali dress I am looking for. It has to be traditional with a modern touch. Need to go hunting for one…

This one’s simple but looks good. the color is what catches my eye…
Looks a heavy dress, i am not sure if i would buy this personally, but i really loved the color Combination…
that’s my color! Yellow. this one’s not as pretty as the Red-Black one but its moreof my types. comfortable and can go well without a Dupatta as welll…
And yeah! i love Vidya Balan


I might go hunting for one this month. My mom would be happy for this one, as she loves to see me in traditional (why not in Sabya then?? Well that’s because it is fucking expensive)


Trousers and Fancy but formal shirts

I have been waiting to buy these for a long time. But I guess I need to get them stitched as the trousers at Globus aren’t the types that I am looking for. Even if I find something of that sort, they don’t have it my size. I need trousers in Gray and black and maybe one or two in brown and some pastel colors. I need really fancy shirts, that wouldn’t look casuals and wouldn’t be boring as well… for the custom-made Trouser, I will have to go for the cloth hunting first, which would be a headache as I am too lazy to get on the streets in the sun. But anyway, for those perfect fitting trousers, one has to do a little bit of hard work.

i would love a shirt of this type…



The perfect set of Lingerie

Yes I just said the word – LINGERIE on my blog! Come-on, everyone wears it – everyone knows it! One should have the perfect set of lingerie that would make you feel more confident. They make you feel confident. Not that you would be wearing only those (you can do that though, at your own risk). It would be really difficult to go lingerie shopping with my mom. She would make those TYPICAL MOMMY TYPES COMMENTS if I look at that SUPER HOT LINGERIE in the rack…

I want one in Black, red, Gray, Purple and maybe more colors.



For curvy girls like me, who are too confident about their Plus Size and give looks to the Shopkeeper when they don’t have something of my size won’t need a corset. That is what I used to think. Believe me; I don’t need a corset to hide those body fats (a tiny mini part of me wants to hide those fats though) but to look a bit toned while wearing one of the best dresses.


This is the wedding dress types corset. this isnt the exact thing that’s on my mind…. but yeah its a corset so it should do for now…


This has been pending since quite some time now. Shrabani would be smiling in a sarcastic way while reading this and would also be fuming angry and might just kill me!



Trust me, while writing this post I have pictured myself in almost everything and have enjoyed it. Along with all these, you just need a couple of more things in place, like a proper handbag, shoes and accessories. (I know bags and shoes come under the category of accessories, but for me they are BAGS and SHOEs and ACCESSORIES are ACCESSORIES)



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