We can’t get Everything in one plate

My kind of Monday isn’t the working my a** out and trying to please my boss or managers or completing my work on time. My kind of Monday is a relaxed day, where I would go all decked up to work and do work in my own sweet time. Would flirt a little here and there and maybe have a longer break with my BFF…


Ashmita is not meant for the corporate world. Apart from the good salary and hot men nothing attracts me. Why do I work in one then? Well, that’s because – I have to work. You know there’s a tendency, if you are an Indian and from a middle class family and a graduate, you are supposed to work. Work in a place with dignity and good salary.


Lately, BPO’s have earned lots of respect in India. Having a quality Human Resource in my country, there is a trend to outsource most of the process here. Good – as we get more employment. Some processes are really hectic like the one’s that deals in Sales or Collections (phew) while some are totally chilling like the Customer Service Process. And the one where I am working is the best – its underwriting.

Now my current company is awesome. People are helpful. Got very few hot guys, which means less distractions, some people are good, while some are very cunning. But overall it’s a nice place to work. But it’s not my kind of work. Underwriting means more of the calculations, checking, being concentrated.


How do I prefer working?

Even at this place, when I reach work, I first get ready ALL OVER AGAIN. Go to my desk. Switch on my PC. And start my mails to check if I have got any mails that are important. I then go to the cafeteria and have a nice cup of free tea and buy some chocolates and get back to my desk. Then I start working and the whole time I keep singing songs. We are not allowed to take our phones inside, hence I don’t have the songs being played. But when we don’t have something we love, we tend to do that by ourselves. I am a bad singer. Usually bongs are superb singers, but me personally I am worse than a crow. But I still sing.


I prefer to work somewhere, where I am allowed to take my mobile. Where I can hear the songs through my headphones, at least. Where I can wear casuals every day. I have my own little personal cubicle. I have got so many ideas to decorate my work place, but unfortunately my desk is shared with a guy in the day shift. I have seen this 3 in 1 table clock on an online website that I really loved, but even if I buy it, I won’t be able to keep it there. I want a locker of my own, where I can keep a little extra chocolate and some biscuits for the times when I am bored of working. My desk should be very creative, with some printouts of quotes and some of my photos been pinned up on the soft board. Ahh… tomorrow, I am going to my TL and going to request him to give me a locker, wherein I can keep my things. If I get one tomorrow, I will certainly buy the 3-in-1 Table Clock.


This is the one that i loves, its a table clock + Pen Holder + photo Frame!!!

I love working hard, but some fun is required. We do have some fun activities on Friday but again these are not the types I have in mind. There should be some specific day celebrated every Friday. I don’t know maybe this is the way all the corporate work, if that is the case, I am supposed to be somewhere, where there is more creativity and brain utilized…


I really wish I had taken the content writer job that I was being offered. Again the salary offered by them was not even half of the salary, I am earning. As they say, you can’t get everything on your plate.




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