Off my List…

There are types of men who get attracted to nerd but hot girls.


The ‘nerd but hot girl’, here is ME – Of course. Shh… Don’t laugh. I am a nerd. 😉


It’s a good thing when hot men get attracted to Nerd but Hot Girls (NBHG). But do you think it is good when such a man is married? Maybe it’s okay for some, but for me – it’s SCARY! I know I have been away from relationships and commitment but that doesn’t mean I want to be a Second Woman. Trust me married or taken men are much hotter than the normal, single guys. But again they are MARRIED!



So this guy from my previous company was once unmarried when we met. We secretly dated each other. Not actual dating DATING, but just normal, flirtatious, oh-not-so-serious Dating! It was all good till the time he was unmarried. He didn’t have the guts to propose to me when he was unmarried and one week before his wedding he contacted me and told me how he felt about me and “how much he loves me?”, but he wouldn’t go against his typical Dad types daddy nor would he hurt his mom’s feeling by telling them a few days before his wedding that he like loves a Brahmin but a Bengali girl who is just a graduate passed out and gets bored of her job in nine months.


He was a Brahmin but not a Bengali. He was not a graduate when we met. He completed his engineering when we were ‘seeing each other’ (not seeing exactly but whatever). He had the MODEL type looks. He was tall, handsome but FAIR. (I don’t like fair guys – they give me complex). But I liked him. He was a Libra by Zodiac and I can approve a guy just by his Zodiac (only if he is a hot looking Libra). He knew how to talk, effective talking I would call and his English was Amazing. Good vocabulary and voice. I kind of, fell for him at that time. I was just 20. Okay I know that’s big enough to fall for someone just by his looks or way of flirting but doesn’t matter.


So he sent me a text one week before his wedding and asked me if I can meet him, as he wanted to TALK! Also he said his family has gone to his native for the wedding preparation and he is ALL ALONE. I told myself how selfish and desperate a man can be. I had respect for him the day he told me that he is getting married, but the day he asked me to meet him over the weekend at his place before his marriage I was pissed off (excuse my language). I decided to ignore him. He got married and I was happy with my life and my new job and everything else. I also changed my number.


A few weeks ago, I got a Whats App message and it was Him. He had the guts to contact me after six months and he sent on Whats App: “Hey sweets. How are you? Missing you so much.” I was angry to the core and then I decided to ignore him again. That is when I thought, I know I am hot enough to attract any guy, but a married man. He will celebrate his 1 year anniversary in April. Obviously he must’ve thought that I am an easy catch for him as I won’t be a pain in his A** – you know what! He might be good looking, he might be a good speaker, and he also might be a Libra but he certainly isn’t a man who is loyal. I would’ve appreciated if he would have gone against his parents’ will and told them what I felt. Then I realized, he certainly doesn’t love me, he just lusts for me. Why???




My Mr. Saath Samundar Paar thinks that I am hot. I know that I am hot, but I don’t feel that I am that hot that a married man would lust for me. Some men need freebies.  Also, some men would want to realize that girls are not a sexual object and a freebie as a matter of fact. Girls who don’t care (like me) also have a teeny bit of feelings. Strong girls like me, also get hurt and cry (a lot).


Anyway, some days back he again tried to contact me and that was when, I forgot all my love and likings for him and I had to tell him the truth about himself. He needed a reality check from the girl who he thought was an easy catch for whatever reasons. I am glad, I could tell him the truth about what a jerk he is and what is his level for me. I am sure he never would have been insulted from a girl so much (or maybe he is used to it). I felt happy that day, as I got over one of my big crushes that day.


Alas, one guy is off my list now. LOL!



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