Food – Defines Me!

For some reasons, I am not a Wine person. I don’t quite understand about Wine. I have tasted it a couple of times, actually more, but I never got the taste of it. Maybe I need proper guidance to understand it.


Since a long time, I have been hoping to date a Chef or someone who deals with exotic food and drinks. Google can certainly give me almost all the information about the best of wines and food, but the real feel of it would be with a good company. I don’t know why but for some reasons I don’t guys who are more into the creativity in regards to culinary activities. I do have a cousin who knows a lot about food and alcohol but he is in Dubai, working for some Hotel. I also have a friend in my new Company who is a Hotel Management student and he has told me a lot about various foods but again I need a deeper knowledge of it.


I am one lazy person who would eat anything on the platter, I also know what the ingredients one must’ve put but what I need to know is: ‘What ingredient makes what difference in the food cooked?’ and ‘How is a good wine supposed to taste?’ or ‘how should a brewed beer taste?’, ‘What cheese goes best with which pasta?’, ‘What breakfast is eaten at which part of the world and why?’ etc… These are some questions about foods and liquids that bother me. I go to a hotel and tend to order the regular things so that I don’t mess up my entire family’s dinner.


I have tried different things at Subway though, but as we all know, they don’t have so many varieties that I could actually use the word EXPERIMENT here. I need to experiment with tasting food and wines. Though I don’t relish wines, I would like to taste them and know the difference. I have tasted beers for quite some time, because that suits my pocket and my taste buds, but as every other thing, I might get tired of it sooner or later. So I need to keep an option ready if I get bored with beer right?



Being a Bengali makes me a bit closer to food than the others. I am a species who can have a fish early in the morning and relish it. I care more about the food that’s there on my plate rather than the fats that are stored on my body. Like any other Bengali, I too think that food is incomplete if there is no non veg. I am that close to food. Food is my second love, writing being the first. I am proud to declare that I am foodie and I love to eat anything that looks good, smells good and tastes good.


After food, the next thing that I really enjoy is Beer. I have been introduced to Kingfisher and I love it. Though I know that the real beer lovers might find it a bit too bitter, but think it suits me. I was recently introduced to Budweiser and it took my heart away. It is comparatively smoother than Kingfisher. A little expensive, but again Beers are always affordable. I can have a beer even in the month end when I am broke.

Now the next thing that I am planning to explore is really good Biryani houses in Mumbai. I might go there next month and taste some really good Biryani. I am sure Google would show me the best things. I am planning to start this thing on tasting food and my experience and learning by doing so. I really wished, I had some company with me who understands tastes more than me, but again – I am a Loner and I guess I would be better off alone. I don’t want to look weird taking pictures of my food and then noting down some points. Anyway, writers and bloggers (especially a blogger like me) are considered as a mad person.




5 thoughts on “Food – Defines Me!

  1. I so agree to the food connection of the Bengalis. Interesting that you have a cousin who knows a lot of food and wine and he’s in Dubai. Maybe I should get in touch with him:) Wine does need a bit of tasting practices that helps in developing a taste for it.


    1. yeah even u r in Dubai…. rite!!! well my cousin works for Hilton Hotel in Dubai… he was a chef and now is the Cluster Occupational Health & Safety Manager there…


  2. I am also not a liquor type of person, the only type of liquor that the taste suits me is Vodka…. but in any form food attracts me more so this is the reason why I am always jogging and do a lot of stretching… lol,


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