Challenge Three – Succeeded by Me!

I just read WordPress Daily prompt Challenge – Write anything without using Three-letter words. Is it actually possible to write such a thing without using a three letter word? Maybe it is. I think I need to improve my vocabulary to quite some extent.


So, today my Team Leader happened to extend my Certification, which means I have another loan to clear my certification. It isn’t a good thing. Anyway, Monday would be quite hectic, I suppose.


I am getting used to live without a mobile phone. Trust me, I am enjoying it. Though at times it becomes a little difficult when I want to check my emails or blog or Facebook. However, I am getting used to it. My journey of being home alone finishes today. My mother along with my brother would be coming back by evening. Which means no more living in my personal manner. I just realized that it is very difficult to resist myself from using that single ARTICLE which is unfortunately a three letter word.


I am also trying to stop flirting. This isn’t an overnight decision though. I realized that if I flirt, there is high possibility that Mr. Saath Samundar Paar, would also flirt. I can’t blame anyone. Although I know that even if I stop flirting he would continue to flirt. Actually, it is safe to flirt at times, this keeps us loyal in a relationship especially when it is a Long Distance Relationship.


Relationships reminds me of ‘Fifty Shades’, I am still planning to search a boyfriend like Christian Grey. I am sure it isn’t that easy. If I don’t find someone like Christian, then I am bound to write something about Mr. Grey.


Okay I feel suffocated. It is indeed a challenge to write a write-up without using three letter words. I might need to conclude this post here itself. I might also go to sleep or maybe just dream about MY Christian Grey…



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