Things you would notice about a Bengali…

Bengalis are known as one of the most liberal community in India. Parents are quite modern and lots of freedom is given to the children. But again all this is just CONSIDERED. In reality, there is liberty with limitations.


There are few typical things that you would notice about an Indian Bengali…


  • We, Bengalis have big eyes that cannot be ignored. It is EXTREMELY HUGE in some cases. My eyes are big enough that it doesn’t close completely even when I go to sleep. My brother told me so.


  • Bengali boys are mostly Momma’s Boy… trust me they are. My brother, cousins, known Bengali guys – all of them. They will go “mamma” even when they have their own children.


  • We can have fish and sweets at any hour of the day or night.

  • We talk in Bengali whenever we are in a social gathering, even if we don’t know to speak (I do that)…


  • We keep correcting everyone with Bengali first names and last names. People usually screw up the pronunciations of them which is very irritating.


  • We are supposed to call all our older cousins as Dada, for elder brothers and Didi, for older sisters.


  • At all the functions like, marriages of cousins, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Lakshmi Puja, New year – whatever occasion there would be some mother asking another mother about their son or daughter for their own son or daughter.


  • We would have at least one far off relative who would be younger to us in age but in relation would be our uncle or aunt.


  • Bengali boys are more tend to be an engineer. God knows why! And they are then the most suitable prospect for your marriage. Ugh!



For now this should be enough. There would be a Part II to this as well. ((Wink Wink))


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