Long Distance Relationship


A first kiss! A first hug! The first touch! These things can be so important in someone’s life, while for some it would mean nothing. Please don’t frown guys, I am not writing on another sad love story of mine. Today I want to talk about LDR.


Does it sound very technical to you? Or does it sound like some disease? Well… LDR as many of you might have correctly guessed is Long Distance Relationship’. Well this sounds to be so interesting. I initially used to think this is very interesting and could be fun. The fact is LDR’s are no good. It just keeps you away from your loved one. Period.

Good Things linked with LDR



One thing that most of us crave for is ‘freedom’ in a relationship. LDR gives you that.  Your lover would be quite far away from you and this would give you the freedom to be the way you want to (if your lover doesn’t let you be the way you want to, LEAVE HIM/HER)


Love strengthens

The less you meet the more deepens the love. Many of us might have experienced this when our partner is away for a few days, he/she happen to call us more than usual. It feels good right? For me it does.

Value Time

In a LDR we start valuing time. An early morning, “Good Morning Baby”; and a late night ‘Sweet dreams. Love you’ is more than enough to keep the spark alive in a LDR. LDR actually teaches us to value time and know the reality of life.



If you’ve been in the REAL RELATIONSHIP, then your partner being in another city or another country will let you travel there to meet them and have some fun. This would add up another place on you’re: ‘Already Seen Places List’


More YOU Time

LDR gives you more time for yourself. You can get some extra weekends with your friends that you might’ve missed if your partner would’ve been here. You can also have a special spa treatment just to get pampered.


Tech savvy

Trust me on this, but LDR makes you a tech savvy for sure. Skype is the best friend of LDR partners. You tend to take new apps that would help you be connected to your partner.

Communication Master

If you and your partner are the types who can keep talking over the phone for hours, you are for sure improving your communication skills. While if you are someone like me who would prefer a net chat with your partner, this certainly improves your typing speed and good use of vocabulary as you have time to think and type… (Intelligent))


Feels good after reading all these right? Well, there are two sides of everything and LDR’s best side is the negative side.



Not-So- Good Things linked with LDR’s



If you are the types, where you meet your partner every weekend or you’ll work at the same place, then loneliness will kill you for sure. This emptiness is no good.



It becomes stressful for both of you to manage the distance. Keeping relationships alive, miles across is highly impossible.

Financial Lumber

If you are someone like me and my FRIEND, then you won’t spend a penny behind late night calls. I simply have my internet bills paid for my desktop and internet pack activated on my mobile phone. That’s it! I am all set to talk with my FRIEND. But unlike me, people who talk for hours to their partners, they have to pay a huge phone bill for sure.


Physical Intimacy

Physical Intimacy goes for a toss. This is the worst thing. You won’t be able to touch, kiss and hug your partner. What can be worse than that? Surviving without these wouldn’t be that easy, would it?



If either of you is a BIG TIME flirt, Do you think in this case the relationship won’t have any misunderstandings? And if you happen to be the one at fault and due to some reasons, you two have a fight and your partner refuses to take your calls or reply back to your texts… what would you do? Isn’t the thought itself frustrating? Personally, I don’t trust people easily and I don’t expect people to trust me as well, so in my case I have many misunderstandings that have been going on for months. Just imagine if you’d be able to survive with these communication breakdowns?

Physically Absent

You won’t be able to support your partner during a crisis. If your partner is miles away, maybe some other country – practically it won’t be possible for you to go and be physically present there.


These are some good and not-so-good things linked to LDR. Personally I hate it, but at times you don’t have an option but to accept it and live with it.


As the Daily Prompt was to select a favorite line from my favorite song and keep that as the title for your post. so i have selected the song “Here without you – 3 doors down” ((special reason for selecting this song….))


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