The Half

Today being the first day of October, I am starting with the Daily Posts from today itself. October is one of my favorites month after April (my birthday month). Why do I like October…? I am not sure though, but I think because all my huge crushes have their birthdays in this month.


Well my prompt for today is ‘The Half’. Trust me or not, but this have been just the perfect way my day went. I had a terrible head and stomach pain and I took a half day from work. Traveling with a head that spins (after a hangover) and a stomach pain is pathetic. So I called my brother to pick me up from the station. So yeah I traveled half the way all by myself and my brother accompanied me for the rest half.


Well another thing in my life that reminds me of the theme: The half is my own self. I am half devil and half saint. How and why? Well that could be a part of another blog post.



Nothing more related to half actually happened but I guess this was enough to start the Daily Post Challenge.


By the way other updates, I have started reading ‘The Fifty Shades Of Grey’… a novel full of passion, love, ambitions and again PASSION. That is all I like about a good book, passion and good writing. The story is something that I can relate to. I have ordered for the entire series of the book (set of3). And trust me each book is very thick, but as long as it is from the Genre I love, I am all set to read it.



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