Romance killed by Technology

I feel weird when I used to hear my mom and grand mums and aunts saying how they said “I love you” to their Husbands.


My mom said, she always used to tell the 3 golden words to my dad every day when he came home late and used to tell my mother, “Don’t get up, I’ll manage.” That is sweet – I know.

My Thakurma (Paternal Grand mum) used to tell me how she showed her husband (My Dadu) how much she loved him by cooking food that he loved almost every day. Though she said that she never told him I Love You, but at times you don’t have to say.

One of my aunts told me that she used to tell her husband I Love You, every day by taking care of his family and their children. Hmm… She never said the 3 Golden Words as well.


Another aunt told me that her husband had proposed to her at a Common Friend’s Wedding and said the 3 Golden Words while she had an adrenaline rush after hearing the words and she instantly said yes with a teary eyes. (That was the only love marriage in my family)…

After hearing things from these women in my life I decided to ask my cousin sisters and their experience in saying the golden words.


My 1st Cousin told me about how perfect her first date with her boyfriend was. She was too excited as she was being blindfolded and taken to a restaurant, where he went down on his knees and proposed to her. My cousin says, “I know he loves me and I love him not because we tell it to each other every day before leaving for work, but because he is there with me even when there is no Sex. He is there with me when I am feverish. He was there with me when I had lost my job. He was there with me when I fought with him”

My Second Cousin Told me that she met her boyfriend through a matrimonial site where. They decided to meet and after a year of friendship they exchanged the Golden Words. He proposed to her when she was hospitalized for Malaria, in the presence of his and her parents.

I thought that there would be some difference in the ‘I Love You’ moments between the Grand Ma and Sister’s Era. But the only difference is most of the women like my mom, grandma and aunt’s  hardly said: I Love You while my sisters say it every day. But the feeling remains the same. It’s all about love.


Now when I compare the love life of all these people to mine or the generation that I am in – I have seen most of the times either the girl has to go and propose to the guy, because the guys are too slow or the guys are so fast that they turn up proving that Love doesn’t exist but its all about Lust.


Believe it or not but the technology is spoiling the entire Love Moments. My guy might tell me I Love You several times a day over the phone, on Skype, through IM’s but when he would meet me he might just never propose to me. You never know how my future BF would be…! I have seen so many I Love You moments just been done over the phone through texts. If this happens then where is Adrenaline Rush that a girl should feel? How can one see the feelings in the guy’s eyes? Technology is good to be in touch, but this is certainly spoiling the entire sweet memory system  of a person. Especially for girls like me who needs a proper proposal on a beach, in a restaurant or just anywhere with some chocolates or flowers or just some soft music.

People today are just so busy that we think saying I Love you is an obligation. Don’t say it, if you don’t feel it. Saying 100 times I Love you over a text message would mean a lot – no complaints – but instead we can also adjust with just 1 I Love you in a face-to-face meeting.


At times we forget to say I Love you to someone we love because we might have just told them the Golden Words an hour ago over Whats App. Technology is not the only culprit, we humans are a partner in this crime. We are killing up the entire moment of being in love.

Imagine, if my future BF proposes to me over Whatsapp or Skype or Text and forgets to propose to me in person. We get married and when my granddaughter would ask me like I asked my Grandma about how my husband proposed to me, what would I say: “over the phone!”. Woah! That’s a nightmare.


I would make it clear to my Future BF well in advance that he has to propose to me in an unique way so that I have something to say to my next generation.


On this scary note of being proposed over the phone, I would say Good Night to all and have a lovely Sunday.


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