I know I am RUDE!

“You are RUDE”, someone called me Rude and expected me to be surprised or be sad. Well the expression of being surprised or sad is when an unknown fact is put in front of a person, in my case, I know I am RUDE! Who called me Rude…? Not a guy…! But… but… but… it was a girl in the local train! Well I called her a Bitch after she pushed me on the platform because she thought it was her destination and actually it wasn’t – guess what all this resulted in my dress getting torn. And this was early in the morning. Imagine how WONDERFUL my day would have been…!


Today I thought of writing some facts about my behavior and character. Well to start with, the girls who tend to know me or rather have seen me thinks – I am Rude, full of attitude, loner and weird.  I agree to each and every word of theirs. People who meet me for the first time thinks that I am full of attitude, it is actually because of my eyes. They are too big (typical bong eyes) and I can’t start talking to a stranger, so my quietness and ignorance is shown with my eyes – and bang on! That’s the culprit! I am rude to people who hurt me – Physically or Emotionally!

I don’t show my rudeness by words usually (today’s case was a bit different). I often stay so quiet that the person sitting next to me won’t hear my voice and wouldn’t know about my presence. I can kill a person with my silence. My best friend Shrabani and my mom have experienced this a lot. I could actually be imprisoned for being so quiet for showing my anger or when I am trying to be Rude.


Loner and weird for me falls In the same category. I love to be alone. I can spend days at home without talking to anyone and without going out. Now that proves that I am a loner. I can be a loner when I am at a social gathering – now that makes me Rude!

Well guys do find me a bit rude as well. The reason being simple. I don’t talk to guys who lay their eyes on my *****! Don’t think I would say the word out! Now obviously if a guy does that I am supposed to be RUDE to that person, right…?


Ahh – Rude is a characteristic in me that I love as it makes my eyes look more beautiful, my cheeks glow and my attitude look sexy… so might a well be rude…!



2 thoughts on “I know I am RUDE!

  1. i recently came across this saying from Will Smith – dont worry about what people say. just do ur thing. those who matter will tag along, others dont matter.

    dosnt matter who calls u rude or whatever, as long as u have a clear conscience. coz in the end u are answerable to no one but yourself. cheers.

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