Daily Posts Commitment

I want one of those challenges where I have to write every day, no matter what. Obviously I want them to be sensible – actually SENSELESS just like me. But on a serious note, I want to get committed to SOMETHING and complete it. My blogs are nowhere near to perfect or even close to being a BLOG. There is just no theme. So I thought of researching a bit on some topics and make a list of topics for myself.


I won’t be publishing this LIST on the Blog, but would try to write every day from the list.


I am so not sure, if I could keep up with this or no, but someday I have to get committed to a specific something, right?





2 thoughts on “Daily Posts Commitment

  1. yup my opinion exactly. ive been blogging for almost 2 years now and my blog is a mess. total chaos. need to be more committed. the number of hits have just been reducing. need some new material to attract more people.


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