Crush being Crushed…

I had big hopes. I had expected a real date. I had also expected some quality time. But all I got is : “baby difficult this weekend”. All I could say is: “K”. What else am I supposed to say? I know people when come back to their homeland after a year or two they are bound to be busy and very busy, but the people in the homeland who have been missing them…? What about them…?


Well as I always say, I often fall in and out of love. I know half the people wouldn’t agree but I have fallen in love several times and the funniest part is, I still love them all. My mom tells me that all these were not love but attraction. Well I am quite sure that I have been in love with all of them. I had affection for them and even now if one of those men would tell me about how sad they are or just cry in front of me, I would be teary as well. Emotional Fool…? Well I guess that is what I am an emotional fool who thinks every person whom I like and who calls me “baby” loves me truly. Unfortunately I forgot that not everyone can be Ashmita Chatterjee. It’s only me who can fall in love multiple times unlike people who fall in love just ONCE!

At times I wonder how can they fall in love just once. Really…? Once..?


Well I had planned a wonderful weekend but as they say planned things never work out well – at least not for me. Well tomorrow I will get myself pampered at the Salon. I know this means spending a large part of my salary, but being sad calls for some nice massage instead of eating chocolates that would eventually put that extra pounds on my b**ts.

Well after the first paragraph some of you might be thinking that it’s almost a break up – actually not! There was never a relationship in LEGAL. It was all just the Puppy Love. Would this puppy love come to an end…? Well I have always loved my Self-Respect more than anything else, but in this Saat Samundar Paar wala guy’s case I kept my self respect a bit aside, but I guess its time to be the Ashmita Chatterjee again…! Crying is certainly not the solution to this but Ignoring can be…!

There is indeed one more weekend before this guy goes back to the Land of Mummies, but I would not meet him that weekend , not that it is a war but it isn’t Peace either. I have planned out a weekend out with my office colleagues. A total plan to get drunk, I can meet him if in the evening but why should I be the one who would compromise all the time.


By the way my Durga Pujo Shopping is done. I have bought so many tops out of which I love one of them the most. It’s a black jacket the ones that the girls in Holly wood movies wear during winter. It’s awesome. I am not in a condition to wear them and take pictures but maybe after tomorrow I might click a couple of pictures and upload them.





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