Too Easy To Get…?

‘Easy to get’ – this term is the most hated term for girls like me. Trust me if someone tells me that I am too easy to be convinced or too easy to get through – ouch! That would be devastating for me. In fact I think every one of us are easy to get at some point of time, but if people call us that we would be frustrated to the core, right?


Imagine some random guy in your workplace comes up to you and asks you out, doesn’t that sound weird? All of us try to fit in, even if that is hampering your self-esteem, we do try to do that and later realize how much we didn’t want that to happen but at the same time we feel “oh! That is what  I want – so much!” at times, we respond to the flirts or eye contact at the workplace when we know that this could get me something I want. And this attitude brings the worst out of us. We tend to do things we have never done.


Getting back to the topic for today, which is – too easy to get, let me jot down some facts about what makes us TOO EASY TO GET.


Smile – as long as I am concerned, I tend to smile back immediately after a person has flashed a smile to me. Wasn’t it what was taught to us in school and the growing up age. Isn’t it politeness to smile back when someone smiles at you. Well, I guess one should understand what kind of smile is coming your way. Obviously, if the guy who thinks he is the most good-looking guy at work and has dozens of girls to be in love with him but he needs something quick, something under the covers he would flash a smile at the not so good looking girl in the office as she would be less danger as she would have less nerve to take the next step or say no to something. So the moment would smile at a girl and if she smiles back instantly – she is TOO EASY TO GET, but if she doesn’t then she gets a tag of BEING RUDE!


What do I choose…? I chose to be rude than to be easy.

Eye Contact – glancing back at a guy who thinks you are too easy to get is a bad thing. But people like me who have a bad habit of staring at people, it’s bad for us as the normal stares can turn to seduction. I don’t seduce men with my stare but unfortunately or fortunately they do get seduced. I can’t do anything about it. All I have tried doing in the last few couple of weeks is that if I don’t look at the person I don’t want to be called by ‘too easy to get’, it would work! I tried it, I hope it works.


People say, eye contact is the most essential factor in a relationship or to build one. Unfortunately, this has put me into great troubles and now I have decided not to stare someone directly in the eye. It’s better to be cautious from the beginning.

Too easy to talk with – as they say, one should always be the most difficult one. Well, difficult for people when they are in a group of friends and some outsider just come and start talking to you. You tend to reply back and that is how a conversation hits right? Not all of us have a conversation on a healthy note. There are people who thinks: ‘this one is an easy one – wow! She spoke to me in like what 30 seconds!’ this one is a difficult one to follow because if you happen to not to talk to people when in a social gathering, people might just consider you as an Anti-Socialite. That is certainly not a good thing to be called as but is too easy to get a good thing?

Being with boys – I am the girl who has more guy friends than girls and people usually tends to misunderstand me and think I am carrying on with all the guys I am with. Well, no one can do anything about the misconceptions one have. I certainly can’t change myself in this because being with guys is better rather than being with girls with different mindset who can do only one thing – GOSSIP! But being with guys is like more of a comfort zone for me, unless it has a guy on whom I had a crush on. But yes this certainly gives a guy a wrong signal and they might think – ‘this girl is with guys half the time – she certainly is too easy to get and would be certainly ready for something casual’. Trust me I have heard this, and hence I am commenting about it.

I know there can be more that can be added to the list, but as yet these are the most dangerous ones that are present in me and in girls like me.


I am certainly not a saint. I have been in love more than one time already. i love the company of guys more than girls. I know I have a pair of eyes that can work for seduction. I know though I am Fat, I have the ability to get any guy under my feet. But all this doesn’t mean that I am too easy to get or I am ready for something casual.


I love being in love. It’s a good feeling. You glow when you are in love. And anything that keeps me glowing is worth it. Too easy to get is not a term for me. I hate being considered as too easy to get and I also hate guys who are too easy to get. What’s the fun unless there is a chase and a bit of persuasion…!


So I would like to tell al the girls out there, who think that they are too easy to get or know that they are too easy to get or thinks that guys think they are too easy to get – believe in the chase and you will find more fun in it. And never ever do change yourself for anything. Love can go and come but Self- Respect is hard to get back. So love yourself and love being the difficult one.



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