Interviewing Myself!

A big big big salute to me! Why…? I have survived 31 days without non-veg.

So today is the 31st day and I am still ALIVE! I always thought I would have been dead if non-veg is taken out of my plate. But going veg isn’t that bad. Obviously it becomes difficult to decide what to eat with Shraavan and a Weight Loss program on. My office café has nothing but CHINESE! I love Chinese, but again, I need to stop eating things that I love. Because everything I love is too fattening (no wonder, I have put on so much of weight). People asked me if I am keeping the Shraavan Month Fast for a good husband…? Duh! A good husband is not on Shraavan but on my own choice.

Why did I keep Shraavan and also going to maintain the Adheek Maas (extra month)?

The only reason I kept shraavan is because, Shrabani told me: “Aashi, last year when I quit non-veg during shraavan, my skin was glowing.” And boom! The target was clear for me. I will quit non-veg for two months, just to see for myself if  skin really glows or no after quitting non-veg.

Result: actually, I would agree with Shrabani as long as the skin glowing matters. My skin has become much better than earlier, but again, just quitting non-veg might have not made the difference. I go to the gym and I have opted for the daily Steam Scheme. So it can be either this or that!

Am I craving for Non-veg?

I am actually not getting restless or dying or getting unconscious. The truth is its normal! It’s a no-hype situation for me. Though I thought I would DIE! (I am sure by now most of you’ll know that I love to exaggerate), but yeah I thought, Ashmita Chatterjee – quitting non-veg is like a National Disaster. It’s actually not. I have been to a Non-veg and Beer Treat during this one month of no non-veg pledge time. I actually didn’t feel like eating chicken or having beer that day.

Will I continue the extra month?

This question was asked to me by my cousin yesterday. All the cousins and aunties are meeting up today at one of my aunt’s place to eat, have fun and gossip rather Bitch about people (especially about me. They think I am the one full of EGO and that’s the reason don’t like going for family get togethers). I am not a part of it as usual. My cousin called me up yesterday and asked me if I am going to follow the Adheek Month as well and I replied with a yes! Then she told me: “Mita, you will get a good husband as it is. Don’t worry if you are not getting a good match I will ask my would be to search one for you!”  I was k=like: ‘WHA……. TTTT’ I couldn’t say this and be even worse in the eyes of my relatives. So I had to be diplomatic and I told her that I am doing this to check my patience level. Obviously they think this is an excuse for me to not to go there! I won’t deny the fact. Isn’t it unfair on their part to force me to come on a Sunday and spend the day in one thing I hate – Bitching! Sunday is like my day.

Well, without getting carried away with the emotions and changing the topic (Yet over again). I am keeping the Adheek Maas not to check my patience level but to check the status of my skin and hair after another month.

Will I eat non-veg after the Adheek Maas?

I guess so. Bongs who are reading this please don’t panic! I won’t completely quit non-veg but it might take some time to get in the non-veg zone again after 2 months of quitting it.

Ah well! The self- interview was quite time consuming! I am sure if a guy would have seen me actually writing this blog post, he would have thought I was a total nut case and keep talking to myself. Trust me! its not a good scene to see me writing – hair open, no kaajal (that makes me look SICK), legs folded up, keyboard on my lap, Diet Coke on the computer table and in this condition a girl is actually talking to herself rather interviewing herself is not a good thing to see!


2 thoughts on “Interviewing Myself!

  1. one thing I always like and love your blog sis is your way to inspire me and uplift my spirit by sharing your own thoughts and ideas, and honestly I am inspire too to go back to gym and trim down my carbo hahaha, well, well I gain also a lot of weight and even I am kinda frustrated and disappointed now a days and very much stress, like the pic u shared hahaha I am on the road of fitness so let’s see for the following days…. 😉


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