What I Expect From my GUY!?!


There is a hype over  Facebook and Real Life where people are getting into relationships and commitments and also a casual relationship. My friend is in a relationship which is a strange one – they both have cleared out the fact that they won’t get married but are in a serious relationship. A small secret: they guy is too cute because today in the evening he sent me a text asking if my friend (his girlfriend) had a word with me after office. He was worried as she wasn’t replying back to his texts and I would have been in utmost tension if she wouldn’t have been my best friend but I knew that she isn’t sleeping and that’s the reason she isn’t replying to him. And hurray I was correct. Moral of the story is the guy was too cute to ask his girlfriend’s best friend about his girlfriend’s whereabouts. So cute!


So all the people in my life are committed or at least they pretend to be. I always wanted to be committed to someone in that typical movie type relationship where a couple shares everything but never have sex unless they get married. Reality struck me long ago that it’s the Vice-versa situation.



I tried to be in a relationship earlier but the day me and the ex-boy decided that we are in a relationship, there were some (rules) expectations that he kept in front of me:


–          We won’t tell anyone that we are dating.

–          I can’t marry you.

–          You must lose weight; I want my girlfriend to be beautiful and slim.

–          I don’t want you to be too close to your other male friends.

–          I want us to meet every weekend.

–          I want to cuddle up with you.

–          We will be dedicated to each other and be a proper couple.



The last line he said was nice but there were some hidden factors in the term ‘PROPER COUPLE’. Imagine what happened to this relationship….? The moment he kept his expectations in front of me I told him, “Fuck off!” obviously this was the first time a guy wanted to be in a relationship but what he expects from me is something that is completely opposite to my ideology.


So let’s see what exactly he expects and my views on them:



–          We won’t tell anyone that we are dating. (Huh? Why the hell are we a couple then?)

–          I can’t marry you. (And then you also say that we will be a PROPER COUPLE)

–          You must lose weight; I want my girlfriend to be beautiful and slim. (Dude why the hell did you propose to me and stalked me for months?)

–          I don’t want you to be too close to your other male friends. (Woahh! I have only male friends and all of them are too close to me)

–          I want us to meet every weekend. (I have got a life as well, I am in front of you the entire week at work and now you want to spend the weekend

           as well together! Oh yeah at work we can’t be a COUPLE Na…. Hmmmm Whatever!)

–          I want to cuddle up with you. (Say it directly that you want to F… me! Hmm I am not interested anyway)

–          We will be dedicated to each other and be a proper couple. (No comments)


So how can I be someone’s girlfriend when I need a public announcement of being in a relationship and the guy wants to be under the covers?


What exactly I think a relationship should be?


I always think that I expect a lot but actually am I asking for a lot…?


Expectation# 1

I want a guy who would like me as I am


I have joined a gym.  But there are times when I just want to eat and not think of putting on weight.

I go to the salon every month. But at times I don’t like wasting time and money behind a facial or a pedicure.

I buy many makeup products and apply them. But at times I want to go out without a single trace of makeup on me.


Like Me AS I aM - Paint Work by Ashmita Chatterjee
Like Me AS I aM – Paint Work by Ashmita Chatterjee


So I want a guy who wouldn’t ask me to reduce or not to put on weight or not to eat things I love because that can increase my weight, rather just love me for who I am. I don’t want a guy who would have more visits to the salon than me and then expect me to be tip top all the time (Yucks). I don’t want a guy who would tell me on a date, “baby you haven’t applied kaajal today….?”


Expectation# 2

I want a guy who would be who he is


I have met guys who themselves don’t know what they like and try to do things what their lovers like… at times that is cute but later trust me it becomes so PATHETIC! I don’t want to be with a guy who would do things I say. A man is supposed to be a man, not too much but a good amount of ego is so necessary. A guy who would pretend to be cool and actually is not is a big turn off. A guy who would pretend to love books or loves reading my blogs but actually doesn’t even know what I write about or what a book is about is again a big NO-NO. I would rather prefer a guy who would tell me, “Girl, I don’t know what is a Mills and Boons. I don’t know what you write about.”


In short I wouldn’t want to be with a guy who PRETENDS.


Expectation# 3

I want a guy who would have the guts to say it publicly that he loves me


Haven’t we heard this for ages, “pyaar kiya toh darna kya…!” and that is what I feel? If I love someone I have the guts to tell my mom and my relatives and friends that I love him. But if I can show that guts, I expect the same from the guy. Hiding is for the wrong ones. And love is the purest feeling, isn’t it? Well that is what the movies and books have taught me over the years. A guy is supposed to be full of courage to accept the fact that the girl is ‘his girl’.


Sometimes I wonder the guys I meet have no courage and comparatively I am the bold one always. Maybe that’s the problem but again if you don’t like me being bold then please read the Expectation# 1 again…


Don’t search for more. That’s it. These are the Three Basic Expectations I have from the guy.  Have you noticed something…? All these three expectations are actually from Mills and Boons. I haven’t mentioned the OBVIOUS EXPECTATIONS here like, he should be huge enough to cover me when required, and he should be good looking in his own ways, good communication, good language and the personality should be a mixture of good and bad.


The question I need to ask myself is: ‘Do you want to be in a relationship?’ the answer is: ‘YES! But… he shouldn’t be like the guy I mentioned with Three (Rules) Expectations’. I somehow like guys who are on a damn position. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing or good – but every time I like a guy turns out to be the Assistant Manager, VNA Trainer or an Assistant Manager Again! Lol!

Well yeah that’s it! Other updates are such that, my workout sessions are going well and I get tired so often of the workout that my night’s sleep is retained. I can sleep at nights during weekends. Lucky me! Also Navin has not been in touch for some weeks now (I wonder what’s with him…! Well…).


Next Update is that SOMEONE has said that HE is coming back to INDIA in the month of SEPTEMBER… huh! It’s been postponing since ages, so all I could say is FINGERS CROSSED!


5 thoughts on “What I Expect From my GUY!?!

  1. hahaha actually my thought now with regards to this is why having one if I don’t need one to makes me happy…. yaiks it is twirling, hay sis if I could just bring back times but it won’t…. so hanging….


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