Losing Weight is Difficult

I have not been writing for a week now, I guess. Not that I forgot my user ID or password (though I forget it all the time – very bad with passwords!). I have been busy over the week and lazy over the weekend. I have finally joined the gym and today was the 3rd day. Trust me losing weight is very difficult… my legs hurt bad and my gym instructor is one heartless human being. The last two days were fine but today morning the 2 days was being revisited by my small legs. They hurt! I went to the gym just after 4 hours of sleep. I looked like a horror film actress when I got up in the morning – Dark Circles and puffed eyes were a result of 4 hours sleep and the 4 hours were actually spent in pain…


I thought looking at my puffed eyes and dark circles my Gym instructor would ask me what happened to me but he rather told me – “wear your shoes and start with 15 minutes of Treadmill” I looked at him and went to  the Ladies Room and wore my shoes and started with the treadmill at the minimal speed but to my surprise my gym instructor came and increased the speed so much that I had to run – Literally! After 12 minutes of running and 3 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill he gave me a 1 minute break and started off with the next one. By the end of the 1 hour workout I was tired. My legs hurt. I told him shamelessly that my legs hurt a lot, to which he said: ‘so this is because of the years of deposits of fats that you have on your body because of indulging burgers, fries and coke! One more week of pain and then you would be fine.’


I hate my instructor but I have to go to the gym – not because I have paid for it but because I have to lose 10 kg in 6 months. I know that’s a  lot that I am asking for, but I can’t do anything but complete the challenge I have given myself. This entire Gym Episode in my life is completely new. I have been to a gym earlier but that was a free service in my previous company and the gym instructor never bothered to tell me what am I supposed to do. So with this extensive weight loss program, a full time job and a blog to handle my life has become too hectic, but believe it or not I feel good – and that’s what important.



2 thoughts on “Losing Weight is Difficult


    It was my 14th day today………….and I can already see some change in my body. 🙂 keep going… and keep going with all your heart.


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