Avon Naturals Cherry Lip Balm Review

Am I a Shopaholic? Yes, I am. I have been addicted to shopping online for some time now. It’s really fun to sit on my chair with a mug of tea and scrolling down and clicking on the link: ‘Add to My Cart’. Online shopping is the best thing for lazy people like me. I would never go out to a mall for any cosmetics (Maybe I can). I am actually planning to go to a Maybelline Outlet lately to buy their new lip gloss collection – ‘Maybelline Baby Lips‘. I have got that soft corner for eye and lips make up. I love to gather glosses and kaajal. I have got a messy make-up drawer. Half the space is taken by the lip glosses from Avon. I really find them very handy and elegant.



Avon products are something I can never find over the internet; hence I have it ordered by the Avon agents all over the city. My cousin used to do this Avon thing, that was when I ordered my first ever Avon Lip balm. Later it was too hectic for me to go to Malad just to collect 2 or 3 lip gloss/lip balms, and it was difficult for her to come down to Mira Road to give me my lip balm, hence I got hold of one Aunty who lives in the next building and does the Avon Things too… later whenever I got to know anyone who is doing the Avon thing I used to ask them to get me the lip balms. The last lip balm I bought was about a year ago. I actually purchased 3 out of which 1 has become my favorite.




Left: 2 swipes Right: 5 swipes

I have been using this lip balm for a year now (I guess). Why a late Review? I never wrote reviews a year ago, but it’s always good to try your hand at new things. Four years ago, I didn’t blog and my decision of blogging had many big debates in my house (yeah for a FREE BLOG). My mom thinks blogging is leaking out personal information (I do that to some extent – but I haven’t published my number on the page saying “Call me!” Eewww…). I gave blogging a try and now I am an addicted blogger and now trying to get a hang of reviews on make-up and books.



Avon naturals Cherry Lip Balm


As the name says it is a cherry flavored lip balm. It smells looks and tastes cherry. Oh yeah I got that licking my lip balm habit – I know it’s a Bad habit; But can’t help it. These companies make such fruit flavored lip balms which are irresistible. Not My Fault. This lip balm is red. I have a wheatish skin tone. This looks really good on my skin tone. Your face brightens up with just one swipe of it, which gives a light reddish or moreover pink color. After two swipes you get that light pink color and almost after 5 swipes you get that glossy red.


The packaging of it isn’t a big deal. It’s a small 4g lip balm with pictures of cherries on it. It’s a normal chap stick looking lip balm. I have not really tried Lipsticks on a daily basis (though I am planning to) but this lip balm gives me that lipstick effect. If I decide to keep my make-up minimal (which is very minimal as I can’t handle the heavy makeup) this is a must on my lips.




I just love the size of it; it can just lay around in my huge handbag and is easy to carry. (I have actually carried this on my dates, where I haven’t carried my handbag.) It just fits into your jeans pocket and won’t even be a burden on you.


I love the color it has. It isn’t the Angelina Jolie’s Hot Red but not that light that couldn’t be seen. It gives you the light red or pinkish lips. It seems to be perfect for my skin tone; which isn’t too fair or dark.


I love the cherry flavor of it. It is Sweet in taste – it is!


I got 3 lip balms at a price of Rs. 200/- so it is affordable – way too affordable.


It gives the illusion of a full lips and it looks juicy as well.




It has a strong fruity fragrance which at times gets on my nerves and gives me a terrible headache (this might not be a con for everyone). Many people like my mom love the smell of it, I love it too but excess of its smell is something I can’t handle.


It isn’t long lasting. Every time I have tea or eat anything or just sit and work for 2 hours a stretch, my lip is again without the lip balm.


It doesn’t get over fast. I know this should be a Pros but buying a new lip balm even though the old one is still full is something my mom doesn’t like.



Rating: 4/5


It is a good one, especially for people like me who don’t like lipsticks but want to have a great looking lips, this is the solution to it.





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