The Last French Fry

As the movie Bridget Jones Diary comes to an end the last French fry goes in my mouth and here I am writing about the last French fry.


I have spent years eating them and putting on weight and crying over my weight and eating them again. I finally entered a gym today after months. No I didn’t start working out from today itself – I am not that desperate to lose weight (Actually I am). I went to the gym to ask them the admission fees and timings. I have been thinking of joining a gym for ages and today I took the first step.

When I looked at the schemes aka fees of the gym I realized how expensive it is to lose weight. I never knew that a large fries worth Rs. 25/- or Rs. 30/- would force me to spend so much on losing the extra weight I have. It is going to take months of working out for me to get into a normal cute weight. The gym trainer showed me one scheme which had the normal gym regime, Cardio and steam and the other was without steam… the difference was just Rs. 500/- obviously I would chose the one with the steam. I will be going to the gym on 5th August as he has promised me some new schemes and discounts as I am joining the gym with my brother. So let’s see what offer he gives me on Saturday. This gym that I went today is one of the best gyms, but tomorrow I am going to enter few local gyms as well just to get an idea of the fees they charge.


The last French fry was the last one today because I am giving it up completely. Giving up French fries is next to impossible as it has been my best friend for years. I have spent late night writing articles for an online website with homemade French fries. French fries and Aaloo bhaaja (in Bengali) is the same thing – for me at least. On days when my mother was ill I have made these Aaloo Bhaajas for her, along with daal and bhaat (daal and rice). It is a must to eat at Mc Donald’s

This isn’t the first time when I told myself that this would be the last French fry, but this first time I told this to myself in a stern voice. I have to lose weight no matter what, is the decision I have taken. There is no turning back from here. I want to lose weight for myself and not for the guys who thinks I am FAT or healthy or voluptuous.


I would have written my weight on the blog only if it hadn’t been A LOT. I promise to write my weight the day I go down to 50 kg… trust me, with my height 50 kg would look cute and that is what I want. That is the weight I have been dying for. Getting into many dresses and stitching sexy trousers and wearing amazing shirts on top of it have been my dream. And every time I thought of reducing my weight, I put on more. I am joining the gym most probably from next week and it’s going to be just 2 hours of work out every day. My mom has told me that I won’t be able to continue with the craze of reducing weight. But I think I can this time. There is a reason as to why I want to reduce. The reason is something no one knows and no one would ever know. I have decided to go to the gym every morning after my shift. I reach home by 4:30 in the morning. I can go to the gym by 6:30 and come back by 8:30 after which I can sit on the net for a while and the go to the dream world. I want to prove to myself that even I can reduce and get into the 34 or 32 size jeans.

I know I might lose the cuteness that I already have because of the fats on me. But I don’t want to be cute for others anymore. All I need is motivation to go to the gym every day and reduce in 6 months. The scheme that the trainer showed me is a 6 month scheme. I want to see if I can at least lose 10 kg in 6 months. Trust me even that would be a great achievement.


Okay, other updates are such that my phone internet is now gone and I can get it only once I get my salary, so which means no WhatsApp and phone Facebook and NimBuzz over the weekend. Perfect isn’t it? I might be spending my weekend in some online window shopping and making a list of things I need to buy online after my salary credits into my account. Monday is going to be a big day for my entire team as we are going in the ‘Halla Bol’ mode on Monday and going to have a one-on-one with our manager.


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