A Self- Proclaimed Boyfriend

Self-proclaimed boyfriends are no good. There’s a guy at work who is my self-proclaimed boyfriend. I couldn’t deny the fact that he is one good looking man. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to write a lot the last week, as it was a busy week. I guess the last week of the month is always that busy. But about this self-proclaimed boyfriend of mine, I guess I have mentioned about him earlier…? I guess not. Well initially I hated him, and now I hate him more. He was my Best Friend’s crush and she used to look at him and blush the moment he entered the floor. On the other hand I stared at him for my best friend – I was actually keeping an eye on him.

He has got something in him because of which half the girls are crazy about him and the other half includes me who hates him for no good reason. Now, because I used to stare at him for my friend – he thought I was interested in him. He asked me out on Facebook (Duh!) and I told him that I don’t like him a bit. But I guess he is one of those men who take the dialogue – “Ladki ke naa mein uski haan hoti hai” (translation for my non-Hindi speaker readers: When a girl says No it means a YES!) very seriously. Then one day he said, “Blah – blah – blah – blah I am your boyfriend so blah – blah – blah…..”  All I could hear is ‘I AM YOUR BOYFRIEND’. ‘What the Fu….?’ Was my reaction and that is what I told him. He was stunned to see that reaction as he would’ve never thought that any girl would ever dislike him and especially a fat girl like me. But come-on my standards are better than that. I don’t like an Admin Supervisor but I am somehow attracted to the Assistant Manager… Maybe the manager now (I really don’t remember the Position my overseas crush – SHIT!).



I still see him staring back at him. I initially thought maybe I should be polite to him as he likes me and in being polite to him I can get all my Transport queries solved in seconds. I tried that but a self-proclaimed boyfriend is useless. This guy has done everything to make sure that all my transport issues are solved. No complaint regarding the same, but the only problem is that this self-proclaimed boyfriend expects a lot from me.  I wish that one text message that I sent him yesterday would make him realize that I don’t like him but would love to be his friend (for my transport issues didn’t tell him this).


I wonder how some stares can make a man think that a girl likes him or is trying to flirt with him or loves him or fantasizes about him.  At times we just stare at them to know why all the other girls stare at them. He is good looking but trust me, for me he is not better looking than all the crushes I have – let that be my overseas crush or my crush from the other state. No offense on tall and fair guys – but I like them too, I mean I had one of my biggest crush on a guy who was almost Fair and very tall and he had a crush on me too, but this Self-proclaimed boyfriend is someone I just can’t like maybe because he reminds me of someone I hate.

Basically I am trying to get the Self-Proclaimed Boyfriend out of my Oh-not-so-perfect-life. I guess there isn’t more updates to write here… Guys you’ll might have already read about my FIRM DECISION to join a gym here. Anyway its morning 5 and I guess I should sneak in my bed and close my eyes and pretend as if I have been sleeping since hours…


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