3 Things that would make me say Yes

I reached home at around 4:45 today in the morning (its LATE – I usually reach by 4:25). As usual like a bad girl I woke up my mom so that I have company till the time I am awake. I wish I wouldn’t have woken her up today. She woke up and the normal routine of hugging and kissing my forehead begun, but today it was different. She certainly wanted to say something; I sensed it and I immediately asked her, “What’s up?”

She gave me a sheepish smile and then said, “There’s a guy your CM (aunt) has mentioned. He is working in a good place. He knows everything about our family. He lives in Pune. His parents are no more. He has a younger sister who is pursuing her MBA. The age difference you both is similar to what you wanted. He is 28. He has seen your pictures on S’s (aunt’s Son) Facebook and likes you and would get married whenever you are ready. He wants to meet you and know you for some time and then take the thing further. He is a Bengali and a Brahmin. Not an engineer this time Mita, so don’t react in the usual manner. He has read your blog and he thinks you write with a modernism and he is in love with your writing. Why the hell are you so quiet?” I smiled at her, untied my hair, told myself: “ma I would’ve said something if you would’ve given me the chance to” (I obviously couldn’t say this aloud as I was in no mood to get a tight slap early in the morning). I asked her where does the boy work and other essential questions like how big is his house in Pune, does he know that I wear spectacles all the time and I am short and fat? My ma kept nodding in a yes and I was looking for more options to say No but I knew this time it was serious.

My mom then told me three such things that I couldn’t say anything but: ‘Fine. I’ll meet him.’

Three Things that would make me say YES:

–  “He is FAT (quiet Healthy is the term used by my mom to sound decent) and very tall then you.” for me this is a YES because I love Fat and tall guys because I am fat and short and need a guy who would be HUGE enough to cover me while hugging me tight. I know it’s too filmy and selfish and lazy of me, because I know its next to impossible for me to lose weight, might as well I be with a guy who is fatter enough.

–  Libra. Yes this Pune Guy happens to have the Zodiac which is one of my favorites in guys – LIBRA. I have this little soft corner or I would say preferences for Librans. My first and all time crush is a Libran. I find them too hot and understanding. I am an Aries. So a guy who is a Libran can completely match my level of passion and craziness. What else can I ask for?

–  Loves Reading, Photography and is a big time Foodie. Wow. That’s like a match made in heaven. A guy who loves reading and has already said that he likes my blog is a BIG NOD in a YES. Photographer Guys are again my weakness (for obvious reasons). Foodie – God are you kidding? I love food, so I love a foodie.

These three things were the surprise package for me and was disclosed by my mom the moment I was about to tell her NO. Finally I have agreed to meet the guy. He told my Aunt that he isn’t in a hurry to meet me (arrrghhhh), so my mom says she will tell CM that I’m ready to meet the guy and he can come to Mumbai a month later for an official DATE.

My mom used the word DATE. Can you imagine? My mom is sending me out on a ‘date’ with Bengali – Brahmin – non engineer – Libran – photographer – foodie – fat and tall guy. Perfect. Though I have told my mom even now that I wouldn’t get married unless I am 25 or 26 and will say yes only if we both think we are compatible. Obviously my  relatives would be very happy if they are able to hitch me with the Pune Guy. Never the less, what’s the harm in meeting a guy who has so many things from my Checklist. I am sure my mom and aunty is going to give my number to him or even ask him to send me a friendship request on Facebook.

So yeah this was all about it. The only reason for me to say yes to meet this guy is the Three Things that has attracted me AGAIN. I have been attracted to a guy for years with these three things, still have a crush on him. Mr. Pune if you are reading this, you have to know that I still have a CRUSH on my First Teenage CRUSH and I am in touch with him, because he happens to be a VERY GOOD FRIEND.

Other updates, I think I am getting dark circles. I can see my eyes going inside and can see a light very light gray shade under my eyes. My shraavan is going quite well and still surviving on Vegetarian Food. (Mr. Pune: Please don’t come to Mumbai next month. Please come after September as I would be a dreadful vegetarian till September.)

Navin there’s a special message for you in this POST: DUDE! Come online once in a while.

I guess it’s time to shut off my eyes and go to sleep to avoid the darker shades of gray under my eyes.

Please excuse me for the tired look. took this picture after taking off all my make – up after work. had a really busy day at work. and as it is the picture is taken to show the dark circles. 😦 😦 😦

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