How it feels to go VEG!

Day 1 of Shraavan:


Today was my first day of Shraavan. I fasted the whole day. Well let me clarify that I ate the fasting food that usually is considered to be OK in Maharashtra. So I started my day with Sabudana Khichdi and Tea – this was my breakfast and my dinner was 2 packets of Plain Potato Wafers and tea. Once the clock struck 12 I ate so much of a cake that I was actually bored of sweets for the span of 5 minutes. I also ordered 2 Aaloo Cheese Toast Sandwich and then ended up eating just one and the other one was distributed among my colleagues!


Day 1 without non-veg wasn’t that bad. Actually it was Friday and as it is I don’t eat anything sour and non-veg on Friday, so it really doesn’t matter. Day 2 wouldn’t be difficult too, as it is Saturday and my mom would kill me if she knows that I eat non-veg outside my house on Saturday. At home I am still a saint.


2 months I need to give up non-veg. trust me it’s a big deal for a person like me who is a hardcore non-vegetarian.


So this was about my day 1… by the way I am going for a morning show in the next 45 minutes! Shit! I am late! Cocktail Movie it is!




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