…when I am sleepy, but can’t…

When people call me weird I get pissed off and feel like kicking that person right on their butts. But the truth is that I am very weird. Luckily I can’t kick my own butt. Yesterday morning, after shift I had to be wide awake because I had to go shopping for a gift for one of our colleagues who is in the U.S. and had sent us lots of candies and other gifts. So we decided that I would buy her a customized coffee mug, with the entire team’s name on it. The shop is a part of Archies’ so it won’t be open until 10:30 or 11… so I decided that I would be awake till then. Now 10:30 or 11:00 is damn late for me to be awake. I can’t be awake that long… being awake in the morning till 11 is like a NORMAL person being awake till 3 or 4 in the night. That’s late, isn’t it…?


So I was completely down and was so sleepy but kept my eyes open and kept looking at my mobile to see the digital clock on my mobile turn 11. It was 7 then – 4 hours to go! Big deal! I couldn’t be sitting idle. I was in no writing mood. I was in no mood to watch TV or listen to music. So I took my camera out, kept it on the bed. Took out all my make-up things, kept them on the bed and thought I would click the pictures for my make – up reviews. I started clicking them but my lazy eyes weren’t giving it the kick it should’ve. I realized that the pictures have come pathetic when I saw them on my PC. Trust me I deleted 30 pictures and kept the few which I have published here after hardcore editing. This is what I do when I am sleepy. I apply make-up, click pictures, edit them, and then wash my make-up and crib about the water-proof mascara.



FAKE and Editted – 1


Attitude….? ohhh yeahhhh!

Not that bad!


Best Example of Nautankiiii….


Showing off my Purple EyeShadow


SURPRISE!!!! I wont blame you if you are scared looking at my eyes…. but they are toooo BIG! i know! i love them….. and dare if any one of you say anything bad about my eyes…



Let me tell you all that me being awake till 11 was completely USELESS, because the customized shop I wanted to go to was closed and on inquiry I realized that they would be closed till Sunday. What a Waste!




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