Girl Power: It’s OUR Turn Now

Some days ago an acquaintance of mine (name strictly private) told me, “you are a girl and it doesn’t look good when you rate guys.” I looked at the person and instantly said, “Duh! Stop thinking so much.” The person wasn’t expecting this reaction for sure and was expecting a SORRY from me. I would have said sorry if I meant it but RATING GUYS, come on that’s my birthright as rating girls are for the guys. They have been doing it for years, so I have all the rights to rate guys on their physical appearances.

I am not one of those girls who would say: ‘the guy has a good heart’ – WTF! I haven’t seen his heart how would I know if he has a good heart or no? All I can see is his FACE, his height, his eyes, lips, nose, body (including things that I can’t write here).  I rate guys on their personality and I don’t find that I am insulting them.

Once a guy told me, ‘I rate girls on their hotness and beauty because God has made you girls very beautiful and hot and every girl has this SOMETHING in her.’ so I am going to apply the same logic here, ‘I rate guys because God has made these guys manly and worth a look.’

We rate food, music, clothes, accessories, gadgets, websites, blogs and also GIRLS then why would I leave the BOYS alone. I hate Injustice.

I shamelessly rate guys purely on their physical appearance.

My last guy from office is one handsome piece of meat. I wasn’t dating him, but he was my Self-Proclaimed BOYFRIEND (long story short – he announced that he is my Boyfriend and we are in a relationship, though we weren’t). Well this guy is a straight 9/10  – Let me remind you’ll AGAIN this is strictly Physical, huh – I mean on Physical Appearance (LOL).

The guy who was my first crush at the age of 18, who is still my only existing Crush is a bit healthy and cute but I would still rate him an 8. Come-on, a person physically strong is HOT!

I am sure the guys reading all this would get offended and call me a Bitch, but it’s high time they realize that it’s now the Girl’s World – and even we can RATE YOU GUYS like you’ll have done all these years!

Happy Rating! 😉


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