Its not always about you

It is so easy for someone to say: ‘we won’t talk for some days. I need time. I think I am getting attracted to you and don’t want to get hurt in love again.’ the friendship is just broken and so is the future LOVE. What if the girl wants to be in love with him? What if she wants to get hurt?


Message to ‘the Weird Boy’  my friend likes, happens to be my friend too:

“Just because you have had your part of love with some XYZ you are snatching away the other girl’s feelings? She wants to be your friend or more maybe…? You don’t have the right to decide whether the friendship should take a pause or no…. Dude it isn’t a game to be put on pause – IT IS FRIENDSHIP.


You first made her addicted to you and now you acting ignorant.”



For Other readers and the dearest Navin:

This post isn’t about me or a guy whom I like.  It’s for a friend. She will kill me for this but come-on I hope something good happens through my blog. She is upset because her friend is trying to avoid her (hates). But this is such a common thing in a girl’s life. Girls of my age usually are involved with one or two guy friends and eventually starts having feelings for THAT one guy. But the guy just tells them to take a break from friendship. Who takes a break from FRIENDSHIP?


This is how me and my GUY friend is
This is how me and my GUY friend is

I am sad that this happened to my best friend from all the people. I hope things get sorted. Well I would like to tell my friend: ‘Girl, go and get him. Propose to him. Tell him how you feel. Leave that ego and let it GO!


'Dubai Outside' a code that the WEird guy and my best friend always laugh on.
‘Dubai Outside’ a code that the WEird guy and my best friend always laugh on.

I really wish it was easier to do than just say. I haven’t told my guy FRIEND how I feel about him, YET. Actually I did, through my posts here. But I think he didn’t understand the hint. I ma sure that he read them. He reads all my posts no matter what. I love him for this.


So this post is dedicated to my best friend, whose name I haven’t mentioned here on this post.


Other updates, have a pizza party at work today. Unfortunately, no pictures can be taken in my office (Privacy and Security Issues). I might just update a small post on it. Anyway till then have a love filled day and let me get some sleep filled day.


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