The Hair Dilemma…

I have tried the shawls and scarves to protect my hair from the wind while travelling in my company transport. The speed of the car is always above 60 (even though as per company policies it is supposed to be below 60). When the driver takes the highway, my well dressed hair starts converting into a bird’s nest. And I mean Literally. If I am lucky enough to get the window seat, I am going to keep the window panes open unless the driver yells at me and says: “Madam AC on karna hai. Khidki band karo.” I look at him as if he has broken my heart and slowly close the window.


If the window remains open all the time and I am on the window seat my hair has to look like a bird’s nest or worse by the time I get down. And then I realize that the reason all are looking at me is not because I am looking good but because my hair is looking GREAT (I’m being sarcastic here).


Some weeks ago, I carried a scarf in my bag and tied it on my head to enjoy the breeze without messing up my hair. The scarf turned out to be too light to bare the breeze. The next day I decided to wrap my dupatta around my head. Unfortunately that was a fail too. Later, I gave a try to the plastic hair band. Trust me this was a disaster. I decided to sit in the middle and give up my window seat to protect my hair, but the girls who sat on each of the window seats were a waste. They kept the window panes shut all the time. I knew that this was the only way to protect my hair from getting messed up. Today, the girl in the cab asked me, “you’ll sit in the middle?” and I nodded my head to a ‘No’ and sat on the window seat, kept the window panes open, wrapped the dupatta around my head in the Muslim style (I love wearing the dupatta in the Hijab style) the dupatta went for a toss by the time we hit the highway. Like all the other days my hair was a mess when I reached my office, but the best solution to this I figured out is, the moment you reach your office with a messed up hair, untie your hair, finger comb it and then tie it back. Done.

Stop laughing now or stop cursing me for wasting all the time of yours for this one solution, but trust me people like me who cannot give up the window seat and want to look presentable at work has to opt for this method. It works. Maybe it won’t, but at least you would be happy to sit on the window seat.


Other updates, I have been sneezing all day. I have sinus, so I am allowed to sneeze 24X7 – 365 days. I have to begin writing my make-up reviews. Hoping to give some sincere time on this weekend to my Reviews.




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