The Ink Confusion…

I wanted to have a tattoo since always. Earlier my ma didn’t give me the permission (yes I am 22 and still take my mom’s permission) now when she has told me to do whatever I want to and not to regret a tattoo that i have on myself – FOREVER I am confused as to what to get inked on me.


Initially came to my mind a tattoo of Shiva or OM or a snake would be good (obviously because I am obsessed with Shiva and in Love with him) but then my mom told me it isn’t good to ink GOD on yourself. I thought it was fair enough and no reasoning was required for this. Then came to my mind, let’s get a tattoo of my Sun or Moon Sign. Now Sun Sign is Aries for me and Moon Sign is Leo. My mom is too inclined towards me being a Leo while I believe I am an Aries. So again the confusion took place.


Now the only option is left the Chinese Zodiac – mine is Horse. It’s a sign of passion + I will get some of my zodiac sign on me, to which my mom won’t say no and moreover I will get a tattoo on myself. As they say, too many options create confusion. This is what happens to me all the time. So I might get inked in three months or so… will obviously blog about it.



6 thoughts on “The Ink Confusion…

  1. When I was 19 to 21, I wanted to have a tattoo but I change my mind by that time coz the one who will do it is a man, now If I look back I am glad I never had one, it is not because it hurts but it’s because I don’t have to regrets about having it….


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